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5 Letter Words Starting With PO – Wordle #422 Hints and Solution for August 15, 2022

Help for today's word - August 15th 2022, Puzzle #422

by Nikola L

The Prima Games office wishes you a good morning! We have prepared some hints for you as always in order to help you kickstart your day with the continuation of your successful Wordle resolution streak. Today, we have Puzzle #422 on our hands and a few five-letter words start with “PO” to offer you as hints.

Words With Five Letters That Begin With PO

With no further delay, here is our list of Five-Letter Words that start with PO, in alphabetical order:

  • poesy
  • point
  • poise
  • poker
  • polar
  • polka
  • polyp
  • pooch
  • poppy
  • porch
  • poser
  • posit
  • posse
  • pouch
  • pound
  • pouty
  • power

If you are having issues guessing the word for today, we’ll throw hints and the solution at the end of the article to prevent accidental spoilers.

What is the History of Wordle and How Did It Become So Popular?

This New York Times word puzzle was invented by a software engineer called Josh Wardle. You might know him as the creator of /r/place, a hectic Reddit game where everyone could add their own colored pixel on a great canvas which resulted in many wars and alliances regarding the creation (or destruction) of some art pieces and other motives that have been (re)created by the community. It was a wild time, to say the least.

Anyway, Wordle is catchy. Takes a few minutes each day to complete, giving you bragging rights when you show your streak and resolution speed to your coworkers. There is nothing to not like about this game.

Hints for Wordle #422 (August 15th, 2022)

Spoilers incoming!

Hint 1

It is a popular card game.

Hint 2

In a painting, dogs were playing it.

Hint 3

Lady Gaga had a song about the face you need to maintain while playing this game.

Hint 4

It has been played in the Wild West a lot and it often involves money.

Hint 5

Your hand can have two or five cards, depending on the type of the game.

Solution for Wordle #422 (August 15th, 2022)

Roll the Drums, please…

The Solution for today is POKER.

Thank you for stopping by Prima Games, see you again tomorrow, and have a lovely start to this week! In the meantime, if you are interested, you can scout out some recent articles about other video games:

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