10 Essential Crafting Recipes for H1Z1

Our 10 favorite crafting recipes that every survivor in H1Z1 should know.

H1Z1 may never be able to keep up with the intensity of the gun battles in DayZ, but there is no question that the crafting system is far better than what Bohemia Interactive has put forth thus far. From building bases to making weapons, just about everything that is needed to survive the H1Z1 can be built by players willing to put in the effort.

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There are a lot of recipes to learn, and likely far more than any one player will be able to memorize. That is why we wanted to list our 10 favorites. These aren’t necessarily weapons or recipes to build a base, but they are a collection of what we feel everyone should know and can benefit from. A list of items that will help survivors to excel in the apocalypse (especially fresh spawns), rather than spend all their time picking Blackberries.

A view of Cranberry in H1Z1

Makeshift Bow

Our guide on how to create the Wooden Bow might come in handy for players that have acquired a Spool of Twine, but for the fresh spawn, the Makeshift Bow will have to do the trick. No worries, this can be easily crafted using 1 Scrap of Cloth and 1 Wood Stick.

Bow Drill

It’s really not that hard to find a lighter, but if players must create fire and can’t fine one, the Bow Drill a fantastic option. It can be crafted using 1 Scrap of Cloth, 1 Wood Stick and 1 Wood Plank. Pay it forward and give it to a fresh spawn after finding a more reliable means of creating fire.


Although there are plenty of pre-built campfires around the map, players never know when they’ll need to build one in a hurry. To do this survivors will need 2 Wood Logs, items that can be obtained by using an axe or hatchet. More on that in a moment.

Makeshift Hatchet

A bladed weapon is one of the most important tools in the game. It can be used to melee humans and zombies alike, as well as cut down trees or chop up corpses. If a proper axe cannot be found, the Makeshift Hatchet is crafted with 1 Wood Stick and 1 Scrap Metal.


In an ideal post apocalyptic world everyone would have a big backpack that could hold loads of supplies. In H1Z1 however, survivors often have to make due with a Satchel. Luckily, one can be crafted using only 6 Scraps of Cloth. This should be a temporary solution only.

First Aid Kit

A First aid Kit will provide a huge boost of health, but players must first craft Saline using 1 Purified Water and 1 Salt Packet. After that they can combine the 1 Saline with 1 Bandage to make the First Aid Kit. These can also be looted at various locations around the map.

Improvised Compass

As time goes on we’re seeing more and more players that know their way around the map, but our guide is for the newer survivor who is just trying to get a good start. For this, an Improvised Compass made out of 1 Metal Shard and 1 Purified Water is key.

Blackberry Juice

It’s the go-to drink of the zombie apocalypse, giving players a huge boost in their hydration while remaining very simple to craft. Blackberry Juice can be made using 5 Blackberries and 1 Purified Water. We currently work on a five bottle system.


This one is only applicable if players manage to find a car, but there’s enough people that don’t know this recipe that we figured it was time to share. Biofuel can be made from 1 Animal Fat, something that is obtained by hacking up the bodies of dead animals.

Deer Scent

It seems silly to have to kill a deer to get deer scent, which will in turn help players hunt deer in a more effective manner, but that’s what we’re suggesting. The AI on animals in H1Z1 is amazing, so for those that want to eat, craft a Deer Scent from 1 Deer Bladder.

Admittedly, some of our recipes are simple and perhaps not for the seasoned veteran, but for newer players there isn’t much here that won’t increase the chances of survival. As time goes on and these recipes become second nature, we’ll look to hit up some of the more advanced options that are available.

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