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10 Awesome Traits in The Sims 4

by Prima Games Staff

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could choose our personalities by clicking a few boxes on our computer monitors? Actually, upon further consideration, that might suck the fun out of life. Good thing for all of us The Sims 4 isn’t life, and throwing random personality Traits together can be a whole lot of fun, not to mention beneficial to Careers and Aspirations.

When rocking out in the Create-a-Sim screen, players will be able to choose three personality Traits (if they are creating a young adult or older) in addition to their Aspiration and its bonus Trait. They don’t come with specific rewards, but they can help shape your Sim’s emotional wellbeing in a beneficial way. Here are 10 that we think steal the show.


The Active Trait energizes your Sim, and can even pump up other Sims. This is beneficial when you want to work out and level up your Fitness in a short amount of time.


A complete 180 from our first choice, we’re putting this one on the list because it benefits the Sim who likes to lie on the couch and watch television… just like us.

Self Assured

Simply put, the Self Assured Trait means your Sim will be more confident, and that pays off with just about everything they do in a given day. Since we chose the Secret Agent Career, being Confident increases our work performance.


The Bro Trait is one of our favorites because it allows your Sim to become energized from watching sports. By combining Lazy and Bro, perhaps you’ll be able to force them to balance each other out. Don’t get your hopes up.


If you’re not planning to Use Cheats to Earn More Money, you’re going to have to do it the old fashioned way by working your butt off. Ambitious Sims gain powerful Moodlets from getting promoted, and that’s something you should do if you intend to pay the bills on time.


Since the benefits of “WooHoo” in The Sims 4 are substantial, it only stands to reason that being a Romantic Sim is smart. This Trait should help your flirty Sim get up close and personal much faster.


The downfall of the Glutton Trait is that your Sim will be extra cranky when he or she is hungry, but the upside is that they will enjoy any food, regardless of quality. This includes spoiled food.

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The Loner Trait is helpful if you don’t want to spend hours upon hours trying to keep your Social Need in the green. These Sims are usually cool to just hang out by themselves, and they don’t receive negative emotions when their Social Need is low.


If you don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning up your house, consider adopting the Slob Trait. Sim slobs don’t mind a mess, and can even rummage through the trash to find food. Once again, we dig Sims that aren’t picky and can save money by not wasting grub.

Music Lover

Music Lover is a powerful Trait simply because you can turn on a stereo and go about your business, yet still see your mood improve. You should also see a happier Sim when you let them spend some time playing instruments.

The Sims 4 is available right now, and for a full breakdown of all the Traits in the game, try checking out the Official Strategy Guide.

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