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WWE 2K14 Wrestler Tips: The Big Show

by Prima Games Staff

When he was first introduced in WCW, the Big Show was a large, scruffy giant who immediately earned comparisons to the 80’s icon Andre the Giant. However, he’s since grown into his own style, with a number of powerful moves and a knockout punch finisher that will easily leave someone on the mat.

There are two versions of Big Show to wrestle as in WWE 2K14 – the more current version making a run for the WWE championship, and the “classic” version from his old WCW days. Both have something impressive to offer, though they vary slightly in age difference and performance.

Here now are some quick tips on how to execute the big guy’s moves.

How do I pull off Big Show’s “K.O. Punch” in WWE 2K14?

Easy. With the current Big Show, get your signature/finisher built up by performing a number of moves on your opponent, to the point that it’s highlighted with the text below the wrestler. Once it’s set, do a quick taunt after leaving your opponent on the mat, and hit the Y or triangle button, depending on your version. He’ll get up and face the awesome fury of your knockout punch – enough to leave him laying on the mat.

How do I pull off the Big Show’s choke slam in WWE 2K14?

This is a move better left to the original Big Show. It works in a similar way to the K.O. Punch, as you have to set up your finisher/signature, perform a taunt (if you want – it helps to pump up the crowd) and then press Y or triangle. He’ll grab his opponent, hoist them into the air and slam them onto the mat.

Is there anything else the Big Show can do in WWE 2K14?

While not a speedy character, there are a number of great moves you can pull off with the Big Show.

He’s good on grab maneuvers. He can wind up an opponent and send them reeling to the mat with a number of throws and slams, and can also wind his leg around their neck and slam them to the mat. This is one of the better signature moves for the retro Big Show.

With the older Big Show, you can also perform a spear. This is a great way to wear down your opponent and prepare them for the K.O. punch. Send them into the ropes, then come charging in with a quick run move. Timed just right – with signature/finisher activated – you should send them down to the canvas. If you want, you can go for the quick three-count, but you’re better off setting up the K.O. punch, just to be sure.

WWE 2K14 is available now for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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