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WWE 2K14 Wrestler Tips: Alberto Del Rio

by Prima Games Staff

Over the years, Alberto Del Rio has managed to gain a good amount of the spotlight in World Wrestling Entertainment. For several months, Del Rio possessed the World Heavyweight Champion, leading WWE Smackdown to solid ratings for several months. Although he recently dropped the title to John Cena at the recent Hell In a Cell pay-per-view, he remains a defiant – and prominent – wrestler in the roster.

Here’s a quick guide to pulling off some of his better moves in the game.

How do I pull off Alberto Del Rio’s cross arm-breaker in WWE 2K14?

This is his main finisher, a submission maneuver where he can make an opponent tap out with a modified arm lock.

The first thing you’ll want to do before setting your opponent up for the cross arm-breaker is “work on it” first. You can do this using the specific attacks feature, by holding down the shoulder button on the controller and aiming for the arm with your strikes, or with holds. By doing this, del Rio will begin to injure the arm, which should make it easier for your opponent to submit to it once you get it applied.


Once you’ve worked on it enough – and you’ll see it as your opponent visibly tries to take care of the arm – do enough damage to set up a finisher. Once it’s highlighted, press the Y or triangle button, depending on your version. Del Rio will grab their arm and spin around, flinging them to the ground in an arm lock. From here, jam on the buttons during the “Breaking Point” submission mini-game enough to make them tap. Victory will soon be yours, if you’re good enough.

How can I perform Alberto Del Rio’s “Pele kick” in WWE 2K14?

This is a simple move to pull off, but you need to set it up first. Get enough energy built up so you have a signature move in your arsenal. Once you have it, use the Irish Whip (B or circle button) to fling your opponent in a corner. After that, hit the Y or triangle button, and he should perform the Pele kick to the side of the head with ease, doing some massive damage. Who knows, you just might be able to pin your opponent after pulling it off – though the cross arm-breaker is a better way to win, in our opinion.

What else can I do with Alberto Del Rio in WWE 2K14?

Plenty. He’s a versatile wrestler. Use him for high-flying moves, such as grab moves off the top rope, like a superplex or head-scissors (using the grab button once you’re in position). He can also perform some good holds and slams in the middle of the ring. Wrestle with him a few times, and you’ll get used to his style, amigo.

WWE 2K14 is available now for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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