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WWE 2K14 Wrestler Guide: The Undertaker

by Prima Games Staff

Talk about intimidation. There’s no one in the World Wrestling Entertainment division like the Undertaker. For over 20 years now, he’s been sending chills down the spine of his opponents with his immense size and strength. He’s also developed one of the biggest streaks in the company to date, an impressive 21-0 record at Wrestlemania – one, by the way, you can defend or try to defeat in WWE 2K14’s Streak Mode.

He’s one of the best wrestlers to play as, and with our help, you’ll have no trouble making your opponents rest in peace.

How do I do the Undertaker’s Tombstone or Last Ride in WWE 2K14?

This is a very effective finisher, one where Undertaker grabs his opponent, tucks his head between his legs and slams him to the ground. To do this, make sure you have your finisher/signature activated by doing enough moves in the ring, or throwing a few taunts your opponent’s way. Once you do this, hit Y or triangle, depending on your version of the game, once your finisher is good to go, and he’ll roll up into the move with ease. Immediately go for the pin afterwards, and Undertaker will have a victory on his hands – unless the opponent possibly has enough strength left to kick out of it. 

NOTE: a “Last Ride” finisher is also available and works kind of the same way — though, personally, the Tombstone is way cooler.

How do I do the Undertaker’s chokeslam in WWE 2K14?

Undertaker’s signature move is fairly easy to pull off. Once you’ve built up enough energy through momentum in the match, wait for “signature” to get highlighted. Once it’s there, hit Y or triangle, and he’ll grab his opponent and send him flying down to the mat. This is a good warm-up for finishing them off with the Tombstone.

How do I do the Undertaker’s trademark “you’re finished” taunt in WWE 2K14?

With this move, Undertaker uses his thumb and fist to motion the “end” of an opponent, moving them across his throat. Once you’ve done enough damage to your opponent, hit the D-pad and you should launch into this small, intimidating animation. It’ll pump up the crowd for sure.

How do I do the Undertaker’s Hell’s Gate submission move in WWE 2K14?

It’s easy. Make sure your opponent is lying on the mat and you have signature/finisher highlighted. Once you do, hit the appropriate button and Undertaker will set him up in the submission hold. Tap the buttons like crazy to reach the “breaking point” on the meter, and you’ll have a victory on your hands.

What else can I do with the Undertaker in WWE 2K14?

Plenty. He has a great high-flying move where he can dive to the outside if an opponent manages to get outside the ring. Simply set yourself off a run and bounce off the ropes, then hit the X or Square button to launch over the ropes and go flying into them. Make sure you don’t miss, though, or you’re in for one heck of a landing.

The Undertaker also has his ropewalk, though it takes a little practice. You’ll have your opponent in a hold move, which you start by pressing B or circle, and try to get over to a corner of the ring. If you’re able to do so, Undertaker will start climbing up and slowly walk across the top rope, then come crashing down with an elbow on his opponent. Give it a try – it’s good fun to pull off.

WWE 2K14 is available now for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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