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WWE 2K14 Roster: John Cena

by Prima Games Staff

If there’s one superstar who’s defined the WWE over the last decade, it has to be John Cena. Whether he’s booed or cheered for – the crowd constantly switches between “Let’s go, Cena!” and “Cena sucks!” chants – he still puts on a performance unmatched by most athletes. He recently came back from an 8-week stint off from surgery to win the World Heavyweight Championship as this past week’s Hell In a Cell main event.

In WWE 2K14, Cena is easily one of the best wrestlers you can pick. His speed and strength are about evened out, enabling him to execute a number of fantastic moves with ease. As for his finishers, he has two – a submission specialty known as the “STF” (formerly the “STFU,” but probably changed due to WWE’s new TV-PG policy) and the Attitude Adjustment, where he hurls an opponent above his head and slams him on the ground.

How do I perform John Cena’s “You can’t see me” taunt in WWE 2K14?

That’s simple. Use your directional pad and press down on it to make him do the “hand wave across the face” gesture that indicates a quick “you can’t see me.” Word of warning: it’s best to do this when your opponent isn’t right in your face, as it leaves you open to attack.

How do I perform John Cena’s “STF” submission hold?

Your opponent has to be face down on the mat, and your finisher/signature indication needs to be activated. Once you’re standing right over your opponent, hit the button and he should go right into the move. Remember, you’ll want to tap on the four face buttons of the controller to keep momentum going. Otherwise, your opponent will break out of the move.

How do I perform the Attitude Adjustment?

Again, you need to make sure that your momentum is high enough for your “finisher” to be activated. Once it is, stand next to your opponent and hit the Y or triangle button (depending on your version) and Cena should launch into the Attitude Adjustment automatically. Land the slam and you’ll be able to get the pin, depending on how tired your opponent is.

How do I perform John Cena’s “Five Knuckle Shuffle”?

That would be Cena’s main “Signature” attack. Set up your opponent in the center of the ring and hit the Y or triangle button (depending on version) and you’ll launch into a quick ground slam, then go around your opponent, wave your hand and execute the five-knuckle shuffle. Easy. This is not guaranteed to win the match, though, depending on opponent energy.

What else can I do with John Cena in WWE 2K14?

He’s an all-around great performer, so you can use body slams and a nice high-flying elbow drop to wear your opponent down. He’s also sizable enough that he can be countered quickly, so be sure to watch out for a surprise reversal from your opponent. Otherwise, have fun with him, because the champ is here.

WWE 2K14 is available now for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. 

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