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WWE 2K14 Roster: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin Tips

by Prima Games Staff

If you’re looking for a drag-out, knock-down fight with some beer swilling on the side, give us a “hell yeah.” For years, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was a huge crowd favorite, following his credo of “Arrive, raise hell and leave” in a number of historic matches against Triple H, The Rock and several opponents. His is a gruff, no-nonsense wrestling style, which easily caps off with his signature finishing move, the “Stone Cold” Stunner. Now he’s doing it all over again in WWE 2K14, and here are some tips to prep you for battle.

How do I execute the “Stone Cold” Stunner in WWE 2K14?

This is one of the most effective – and quickest – finishing moves you can perform in the game. Get your opponent worn down enough that your signature/finisher appears for your wrestler. Once it’s set, get your opponent down on the mat, perform a quick taunt and when you get close enough, and they’re facing you, hit the Y or triangle button (depending on which version you have).

If done correctly, you’ll launch into the “Stone Cold” Stunner, then get all up in your opponent’s face as they’re laying on the mat. Don’t taunt too much, though – you still need to get the three count.

How do I perform Stone Cold’s signature elbow in WWE 2K14?

The title says it all – signature. Get your opponent down on the mat, then launch into the ropes and execute your signature/finisher once you get it filled up. If hit at the right time, “Stone Cold” will perform all sorts of angry hand motions before launching a damaging elbow into his opponent.

Note: it’s best to perform the elbow and then the “Stone Cold” Stunner in succession, so you knock enough wind out of your opponent to go for the three count.

What else can I do with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in WWE 2K14?

“Stone Cold” is a terrific brawler, able to beat opponents down to the mat, whether in a traditional match or a street fight. One of his best moves is being able to pounce on his opponent, send them to the mat and then beat them down with a flurry of punches. To do this, fling them into the ropes with an Irish whip, then set yourself to launch off the opposite end of the ropes. While you’re both running, press the grab button and “Stone Cold” should perform this move.

Don’t forget to pull off a few taunts with this guy as well. He’s got attitude, and he’s certainly not afraid to show it.

Master these tips and you’ll be ready to “arrive, raise hell, leave” in no time. What?!

WWE 2K14 is available now for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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