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WWE 2K14 Divas Tips

by Prima Games Staff

While the men have their fair share of fun in the WWE, the ladies also get their turn in the spotlight with the Divas division. Led by current WWE Divas champion A.J. Lee, the ladies have some great moves to show off, whether it’s submission maneuvers or high-flying techniques.

Alhough there are only a few active Divas on the roster in WWE 2K14 – seven, to be exact – more will be added in the months ahead via DLC, including Brie and Nikki Bella, as well as Fandango’s dance partner, Summer Rae.

For the time being, we put together a mini tip guide for the seven Divas featured in the game, so sit back and relax with these lovely ladies.

A.J. Lee

This spry young wrestler is the WWE Divas champion, and is one of the more unpredictable characters in the division, due to her erratic behavior and unique wrestling capabilities.

How do I execute A.J. Lee’s finishing move in WWE 2K14?

To perform her main finisher, a devastating kick to the side of the head, set up your opponent in front of you once your signature/finisher is activated. Hit Y or triangle (depending on your version) and she’ll bring them down to one knee with a quick kick, followed by a blow to the head that should finish them off.

In addition, A.J. has a great crab submission maneuver, as well as a sweet flip-over neck slam, where she starts in front of her opponent, then back flips over them and slams them on the ground.


This Diva means business in the ring, even though she’s not as popular as other superstars in the division.

How do I execute Aksana’s finisher in WWE 2K14?

She has two great moves, which you can pull off by building up the signature/finisher up in your match. The first, her signature, enables her to swing a foot over her opponent’s head, then smack them with a flying kick, which sends them to the pavement. After performing this signature, she can pick them up and slam them to the mat with devastating force. Set up your opponent in front of you and press Y or triangle, and watch the sparks fly.


This former WWE Divas champion is great on power, and can hold her own on defense as well. Oh, and we mentioned she’s quite pretty, right? Because she is.

How do I execute Kaitlyn’s finisher in WWE 2K14?


Like Edge – and in some ways, Goldberg – Kaitlyn uses a spear to her advantage. Set up your opponent to the point you earn your signature/finisher, then stand across the ring from them as they slowly get up from an attack. If you hit the Y or triangle button at just the right time, you should land the spear with no problem and finish the match.

Another move worth noting is her fireman’s carry, where she picks up her opponent and lands a knee into their gut. Build up the necessary energy, catch your opponent off guard and let ’em have it.


Layla defined herself in the WWE Divas division for the past few years, and continues to be one of the more notable stars in the division.

How do I execute Layla’s finisher in WWE 2K14?

It’s easy. Build up the proper energy for a signature/finisher, and then get your opponent on a good hit that sends them to the mat. Before they can get up, perform a taunt by using the directional pad. Once your opponent finally rises up, press the Y or triangle button, and you should deliver a thunderous kick to the side of the head.

Another good move that’ll take away some of their energy is the reverse neck breaker. Catch them in a hold, and with the proper energy built up, you should be able to twist them around and send them to the mat.


Lita is one of the more notable Divas from the 90s/2000s era of World Wrestling Entertainment, and her high-flying antics made her a notable partner for not only the Hardy Boys, but also Edge during his WWE championship run.

How do I perform Layla’s moonsault in WWE 2K14?

Set up your opponent with enough damage to leave them laying on the mat, and have your signature/finisher ready. Climb the top turnbuckle in the corner and hit the Y or triangle button, and she’ll spin around and perform a moonsault. NOTE: it’s best to have them close to the ropes, so you don’t miss them coming down.

Lita can also perform a modified version of Jeff Hardy’s Twist of Fate beforehand to warm up their opponent for the pin. It works as a great Signature move. Just make sure you’re standing close to your opponent and hit Y or triangle once highlighted.


This member of the Hart family continues the tradition started by the likes of Bret “The Hitman” Hart, especially when it comes to the Sharpshooter submission.

How do I execute Natalya’s Sharpshooter submission move in WWE 2K14?

Get your opponent worn down enough that they’re laying on the mat, and your signature/finisher is activated. Stand in front of their legs and hit the Y or triangle button, and Natalya will wrap them up in the move. From there, tap the buttons like crazy in order to fill up the “breaking point” meter and get the win.

Another great move to try out is the spin-around clothesline, which is a nice signature alternative. Make sure you have a decent amount of distance from a standing opponent, and fill up the signature/finisher meter. Once it’s good to go, you’ll send them reeling.

Stephanie McMahon

She may be the boss’ daughter – and the wife of multi-time champion Triple H – but Stephanie McMahon can hold up surprisingly well in the ring in WWE 2K14.

How do I execute Stephanie McMahon’s finisher in WWE 2K14?

Stephanie takes after her husband Triple H and sends her opponent face-first into the mat with the Pedigree. Simply build up your signature/finisher status, and once you’re there, perform a taunt when your opponent is slowly getting up. Once they’re up, stand in front of them and hit the Y or triangle button, and down to the mat they’ll go.

In addition, Stephanie’s slap move, while looking a bit paltry compared to a kick to the head, can really damage an opponent. Build up signature/finisher and press the Y button, and she should put this humiliating move to good use.

WWE 2K14 is available now for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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