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The Wonderful 101 – The Wonderful Mart

by Prima Games Staff

At the end of a given Operation section, you can hit the Wonderful Mart to purchase any upgrades for your heroes and any items you need to help stay in the fight. Purchasing anything requires O-Parts, which you earn during combat by breaking stuff throughout the places you visit and as a reward for the ranks you earn during the graded missions. You can bypass the price of any item using a Wonderful Card, but those can only be crafted with the Item Mixer menu, and it takes time to get the necessary materials to do that, so use the cards sparingly.
Wonderful Mart

There are four categories to shop from at the Wonderful Mart: Items, Unite Morphs, Custom Blocks, and Skills.


The Items category includes all of the goodies necessary to keep you running in the middle of a fight or help bring extra explosions to the fight. Generally, there’s not a whole lot of call to spend your O-Parts here, as you should be concentrating on saving up for new Unite Morphs, Custom Blocks, or Skills. However, among the items is a special enhancement for P-Star, your little robot assistant. The Treasure Sensor is expensive, but it will allow P-Star to ping whenever you get close to a hidden item. This can help you locate hammer spots with greater ease, helping reduce the time spent stumbling around looking for them.

Name Price
Small Wonderful Noodle Soup To Go 5,000 p
Wonderful Noodle Soup To Go 10,000 p
Super Wonderful Noodle Soup To Go 20,000 p
Small Wonderful Cake To Go 10,000 p
Wonderful Cake To Go 15,000 p
Super Wonderful Cake To Go 25,000 p
Wonderful Steak 50,000 p
Wonderful Parfait 50,000 p
Fire Victory Torpedo 50,000 p
Thunder Victory Torpedo 50,000 p
Shocking Red 80,000 p
Wonderful Dummy 100,000 p
Treasure Sensor 300,000 p



Outside of the Unite Morphs acquired when you pick up one of the 7 main heroes, there are 12 more Unite Morphs you can purchase from the Wonderful Mart. These aren’t all available right away; some appear only after you complete a specific Operation. You should strive to acquire every one of these, as they will greatly enhance your offensive and defensive capabilities. In particular, Unite Guts and Unite Spring are your most important Unite Morphs, and they start off relatively cheap. Get them as soon as you complete the Prologue. For more information about Unite Morphs, check out page 36 of the “Unite Morphs, Skills, and Custom Blocks” chapter.

Name Price
Unite Guts 15,000 p
Unite Spikes 250,000 p
Unite Spring 30,000 p
Unite Drill Spring 600,000 p
Unite Blade Glider 200,000 p
Unite Ball 100,000 p
Unite Spike Ball 500,000 p
Unite Rocket 150,000 p
Unite Tombstone 300,000 p
Unite Camp 500,000 p
Wonderful Forever 1,000,000 p
Platinum Forever 1,000,000 p



Custom Blocks allow you to enhance your abilities in and outside of Unite Morphs, allowing for greater flexibility in combat. At first, you’re only able to use one Custom Block at a time, but eventually you can set up to seven blocks and really experiment with them. Unfortunately, all Custom Blocks are extremely pricey, and like the purchasable Unite Morphs, not all of them are available right out the gate, unlocking as you proceed farther into the game. For more information about Custom Blocks, check out page 39 of the “Unite Morphs, Skills, and Custom Blocks” chapter.

Name Price
Speed Charge 500,000 p
Unite Charge 800,000 p
Energy Converter 100,000 p
Safeguard 500,000 p
Double Power 500,000 p
Item Catcher 200,000 p
Healing Guts 200,000 p
Auto-Guts 300,000 p
Dodge Mine 400,000 p
Hero Time 600,000 p
Hero Counter 600,000 p
Hero Sense 900,000 p
Ukemi 800,000 p



There are three skills you can purchase from the Wonderful Mart, and they are quite worth the O-Parts they’ll set you back by, which is a lot. We especially recommend the Attack Liner skill; pick it up as early as possible. You can draw the Wonder-Liner through targets and deal continuous damage to enemies that don’t outright repel your heroes on contact. For more information about the three skills, check out page 40 of the “Unite Morphs, Skills, and Custom Blocks” chapter.

Name Price
Attack Liner 150,000 p
Speed Liner 300,000 p
Formation Charge 500,000 p

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