This chart acts as a collectibles checklist for the collectibles in the Epilogue. The following collectibles are tracked by this section: Wonderful Files, GEATHJERK Files, Hero Heart Fragments, Wonderful Figures, and recruitable Wonderful Ones. These items are listed in the order you encounter them:


Epilogue Collectibles Checklist


Collectible Description
1. GEATHJERK File No. 52: The Machine World Jergingha 1. In the open while gathering the kids.
2. GEATHJERK File No. 53: Wonder-Jergingha 2. In the doorway just before Mission 2 starts.
3. Member No. 50: Wonder-Babe 3. Backtrack one car after recruiting the first civilians.
4. GEATHJERK File No. 54: Jergingha (Planet Destruction Form) 4. In the Red Supply Box.
5. Figure No. 59: Wonder-Yang 5. Trace the M shape with Wonder-Liner to turn on the air vents.
6. Member No. 14: Wonder-Toy 6. Standing with civilians inside a car.  Hammer the hatch to get inside.
7. Figure No. 117: Virgin Victory 7. Kahkoo-regah on Normal.
8. Figure No. 53: Wonder-Sister 8. Kahkoo-regah on Hard.
9. Figure No. 105: Wonder-Goggles 9. Kahkoo-regah on 101% Hard.


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