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The Wonderful 101 Advanced Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Yesterday, we posted beginner’s tips for The Wonderful 101, which debuts on Wii U September 15. With it, we taught you how to add more superheroes to the team and unleash Unite Morph attacks. Now we move on to advanced training, where you’ll need to raise your game in order to tackle the toughest opponents. With that, let’s begin.

For more in-depth strategies, read Prima’s Official The Wonderful 101 Guide.

Punish Enemies With Multi Unite Morphs

Creating a Unite Morph is easy enough. You simply draw a shape with the Wonder-Liner and tap the A button. This lets you punch, slash and shoot bad guys.  That’s cool, but you can take this to the next level with Multi Unite Morphs. Trace the desired shape(s) with the Wonder-Liner and continue pressing X. You can have up to four Multi Unite Morphs on screen at once, but this all depends on the number of superheroes available. The more you have, the easier it will be to achieve Multi Unite Morphs.

Look for Hidden Items

In the beginner’s tips article, we suggest breaking objects to find virtual currency and bonus goodies. Take this a step further by drawing a circle around highlighted things within the environment with the Wonder-Liner, whereupon which you’ll earn bonus items.

Mastering Kahkoo-regah Portals

Throughout the game, you’ll come across patterns leading to other dimensions. Encircling one with the Wonder-Liner allows you to enter a Kahkoo-regah portal, where you’ll need to complete missions for bonus rewards. These put your skills to the ultimate test, since you may not be able to use Vitality-boosting items, and must defeat all adversaries using a single health bar. 

A daunting task, no question, but one you’ll complete so long as you remember to keep moving, revive fallen comrades and strike back with Unite Morph attacks. In addition, always keep an eye on that Vitality gauge to check remaining health.

Use Justice Missiles

The Wonderful 101’s enemies don’t necessarily play fair on harder difficulties, so you’ll want to fight back with something that carries a big punch. Enter the Justice Missile. You’ll gain access to one by adding lots of civilians to your team. Once acquired, unleash this sucker to deliver a high amount of damage.

Custom Blocks

Take things to the next level by equipping a Custom Block. Doing this allows you to augment the team’s abilities, making you tougher to deal with on the battlefield. Double Power, for example, increases the attack power of Unite Morphs, while a Speed Charge boosts the Unite Gauge’s recharge time.

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