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Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Plot Summary

by Prima Games Staff


Samuel Fisher, aka “Sam”

Sam is veteran Black Ops & Cover Ops, ex Navy Seal who is an expert in urban warfare, espionage, infiltration, weaponry, and master in stealth tactics. Because of his skill set and was the first Recruit for NSA, Third Echelon, AKA: “Splinter Cell”.

Irving Lambert

He is the Operations Director for Third Echelon and Sam’s handler. He is the bridge that connects Splinter Cell Agents to a specialized team monitoring them and feeding them vital information.

Kombayn Nikoladze

He was the President of Georgia who wanted to destroy America. He started a cyber war on USA, before disappearing underground. He was eventually killed by Fisher.


Sam has to travel all across Georgia, Bruma, and even America in order to complete his mission.


Sam Fisher served more than his share of time for the United States Navy. He learned all that there was to learn and then some , honing his skills through years as a Navy Seal completing Black Ops & Covert Ops missions. After a pristine military carrier Sam retired as a Lieutenant Commander. Sam thought he had done enough, thought he worked hard enough, thought he was done for good. He thought wrong. Sam has been recruited for the NSA’s clandestine Third Echelon department to be the first Splinter Cell Agent. Using past knowledge along with new skills he learned, Sam has become a ghost. Moving unseen and striking with deadly accuracy, he has become a walking legend. This is his story, this is his crucible.

Sam Fisher is called back to duty by the NSA to join a clandestine division, Third Echelon. Sam re-hones his skills while learning new ones at Camp Peary, Virginia aka “The Farm”.  Sam’s first mission is to go to Tbilisi, Georgia to reestablish contact with two CIA agents who have gone missing. Georgia is currently lead by Kombayn Nikoladze, a ruthless billionaire bent on destroying America and anything to do with it. Upon arrival at the last know location of the agents, Sam speaks with a mortally wounded NSA informant who tells him that the two agents are dead and Nikoladze has begun a cyber war with America. Following the trail that the two agents started, Sam infiltrates several high level locations and learns of an object called “The Ark” as well as a mole in the CIA. Arriving in American with this new information Sam and his team are able to locate the mole in the CIA. After an interrogation they learn that the Ark is a nuclear bomb that has been hidden somewhere in the Georgian presidential palace. Sam goes back to Georgia and finds Nikoladze, who is the only man who can arm the bomb and kills him. With the death of Nikoladze, U.S. Army soldiers locate and remove the nuclear bomb, explaining the presence of the military was due to a gas leak.

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