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State of Decay Vehicle Tips

by Prima Games Staff

You’ll find a variety of cool weapons and items in State of Decay, including vehicles.  Cars and trucks are the best means of transport and escape from the zombie horde.  There’s definitely a cool sense of empowerment getting behind the wheel of a pick-up truck that also doubles as a battering ram.  There are still consequences to driving, however, so be sure to keep the following tips in mind.

-All vehicles handle differently, from the aforementioned pick-up to a sports car and station wagon. Give that some thought with multiple vehicles at your disposal.

-Take extreme caution going off road.  Beware of steep drops, trees and pieces of debris.

-Cars and trucks take damage.  Losing a door is fine, but a wheel severely limits maneuverability and speed.

-Cause enough damage and the vehicle eventually explodes.  Flames erupting from the hood?  Get out and run.

-Feel free to run over zombies  Just be aware that doing this causes damage.

-Zombies will often latch onto your ride. Zombie on the hood?  Accelerate and then quickly hit the brake to throw it off.  Zombie hanging on the driver’s side door? Rapidly press X to remove it.

-Vehicles make a lot of noise and will attract zombies to your location.

-You cannot flip a vehicle once it’s upside down.

-You can repair vehicles in your workshop.

-Trouble seeing in the dark? Switch on the headlights by clicking the right analog stick. 

-Click the left analog stick to honk the horn. 

-Always think of an exit strategy before getting out of your vehicle.  Ideally, you want to park close by and pointing towards the road.

-Fellow survivors can ride in the back of a pickup.  They can also ride shotgun and in the backseat of cars.

State of Decay is available for Xbox 360.

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