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Secrets of BioShock Infinite

by Prima Games Staff

The world of Columbia is full of mysteries and legends for Booker and Elizabeth to explore. While some of the mysteries are obvious, others are ambiguous and left open for interpretation. From the mysterious twins that appear throughout the game to the contemporary music heard throughout the land of Columbia.

After making it to the end of BioShock Infinite, there are still unanswered questions about the Utopia that Comstock has built. We are going to explore a few of those conundrums as we seek to uncover the mysteries of Columbia. Keep in mind that these are opinions and the true key to unlocking these secrets lies with you.
Who the Heck are those Twins?
The Luteces are a mysterious set of twins that you encounter through your visit to Columbia. They always seem to show up at opportune moments in the campaign to guide Booker and Elizabeth in the right direction.  Throughout the game, the Luteces also drop hints on their past, even going as far as digging their own graves.

A voxophone can be found in Emporia has Rosalind referencing Robert as her brother. Robert and Rosalind are actually the same person. Rosalind found Robert in another universe through a tear, and pulled him through. Together they are extremely powerful and able to move through tears at will. This would explain why they were able to appear and disappear at a whim.
A Floating City?
Columbia is a beautiful city that defies both physics and the laws of gravity. There is seemingly no information on how such a large city can seamlessly float above the clouds. The religious symbolism of a utopia floating above the sins of the world are powerful and supports Comstock as a religious deity. How does this floating city of perfection stay above the clouds?

This mystery is resolved towards the end of your stay in Columbia. As you and Elizabeth are riding a air gondola, you see the Luteces on either side of the gondola. You hear them explain that they actually created the technology to allow Columbia to float. Through experiments and exploration through tears in the universe, the Luteces created the technology. This also explains their ability to move through time and space and also supports the theory that they are indeed the same person.
Hear The Music of Tomorrow…Today
Columbia takes place in 1912 yet the music heard in the game is from decades later. How is it possible that the magical floating city is able to have music from the future? There are a few simple hints throughout the game that will solve this mystery. During your exploration of Columbia, you run into a quartet singing on a air gondola. A sign behind them reads “Here the Music of Tomorrow…Today”.

The answer to this riddle can be found after the battle with the Siren. While in Emporia search for a room with a red tear. Inside the room, there is a man lying dead on the ground with instruments all around him. Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” can be heard coming from the tear before it disappears. Grab the voxophone in the room to hear Fink describe where the music in Columbia is from. Search for more red tears in the game to and see if you can find the link between them and the songs heard in the game.
The Mark of the False Shepherd
Early into your arrival in Columbia you learn about the Mark of the False Shepherd which are the letters “AD” on Booker’s hand. Once the letters are found on your hand, Comstock is alerted to your presence and you are labeled as the False Shepherd. What do the letters on Booker’s hand mean?

The letters on Booker’s hand could stand for Anna Dewitt, Booker’s daughter. After you discover the connection between Booker, Elizabeth, and Comstock the letters on the hand make sense. Comstock knew that he could use these letters to identify Booker when he came to Columbia to rescue Elizabeth.

We have only covered a few of the mysteries that Columbia has to offer. Remember, you are the key to unlocking the secrets of Columbia. We encourage you to replay the game and explore yourself to find all the amazing secrets of Columbia.

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