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Rayman Legends Music Stages Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Rayman Legends is now in stores, and fans of the 2011 release Rayman Origins won’t want to miss this one, especially given some unique touches that make this sequel stand out. 

Among them are six music-based stages, fast-moving side-scrolling challenges where your character must perform on-screen actions to the tune of songs that are playing in the background. These are modified versions of hit songs that fit in Rayman’s universe, ranging from a medieval version of “Black Betty” to an entertaining mariachi version of Survivor’s 80’s classic “Eye of the Tiger.”

These stages are short, but definitely sweet – and certainly challenging as you take on each one. We’ve got some tips that will help you get through them with ease. Good luck!

Keep Up the Pace

The music stages are amongst the shortest in the game, lasting about one to two minutes to complete, but that doesn’t make them any less challenging. In fact, the later ones in the game can be downright diabolical, especially “Eye of the Tiger,” which forces you to switch between flying platforms quickly while occasionally using your “shrink” capability to get through smaller gaps.

Pacing plays a huge part in these music stages. That’s because your character interacts with the stage based around the rhythm of the song. You’ll see how this works with the first song-based stage, which works around “Black Betty.” 

With each part of the song that has a big drum hit, you’ll see a gap that needs to be cleared, a skeleton fence that needs to be broken through, or an enemy to punch. Watch out a second or two ahead of you and prepare for what’s ahead. It’s a split-second thing, but with enough practice, you’ll get what you need to do.

In the beginning, you’ll need to jump over a few brutes. They diversify a bit after that between skeleton fences and strings of thugs, which you can swing through with a spinning attack. After that, you’ll swing across ropes and jump to collect strings of Lums, before getting into a series of jumping challenges across platforms. Listen to the song for cues to get an idea of what to do next. Also, as different as it is, it helps to be a fan of the original.

These tips also apply to other song stages in the game, but they’ll pick up quite a bit in difficulty. Check the “skull” rating, which ranges from one to five, to see just how crazy things get before enter the stage. Remember, it never hurts to practice, no matter how many times you perish in the process.

Touch Your Way to Victory

In the PS Vita and Wii U versions of Rayman Legends, things work a bit differently. You’ll still interact within the game using your main character, but you’ll also need to interact with certain parts in order to keep your area moving. These are usually earmarked with some sort of eyeball-like character, which you’ll need to tap on to break through barriers or knock certain enemies out of the way.

Rather than manually defeating them with your on-screen character, you’ll need to use your touch screen. Simply tap on these little icons before your character gets to them, and they’ll perform the necessary action in order to continue your hero’s journey. It can be a bit tricky – especially if you’re used to other versions of the game – but it’s a neat way to get touch-screen gameplay involved.

Also, it helps to bring along a friend that’s just as able as you in these stages. One player controls the on-screen character, while the other has Murfy – Rayman’s flying fairy buddy – tapping on the icons to get him out of danger.

Collecting is Key

Finally, there’s one more portion to the music stages that is vital to success – collecting. Strewn throughout each stage are a series of glowing Lums to collect, along with three Teensies that either need to be freed from cages or tied to stakes.

At first, it may be hard to spot them, so don’t be afraid to restart a stage if you miss one of the Teensies or a string of Lums you could’ve gotten to. Also, some may play a pivotal part in the stage when it comes to the rhythm of a song, whether you’re jumping across a small gap or collecting a string of them while sliding down a rope, as a huge guitar riff plays. Study where they’re at, and you’ll collect them all without missing a beat. Some may take more tries than others – especially on the big jumps – but practice makes perfect.

When you go on your first run, collection is secondary to getting through the stage in one piece. Once you master it, though, head on back and see how much you can snag. There are three Teensies in each stage, and quite a few Lums, and the more you get, the closer you’ll achieve 100 percent completion on each stage.

Good luck, and don’t forget to have fun with the music! These are fun little remixes.

Rayman Legends is available now for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, Wii U and PlayStation Vita. Be sure to check out our Beginners’ Tips guide and Kung Foot tips as well.


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