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Rayman Legends: Kung Foot Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Rayman Legends is an entertaining platforming game that actually becomes more fun as you invite your friends to play locally with you. It’s not just about platforming, as Michel Ancel and his team have also included a fun little mini-game that shouldn’t be missed – Kung Foot.

Kung Foot is essentially soccer, or kick ball, where up to four players can kick soccer balls and disorient adversaries in the hopes of scoring goals. It’s a simple game, but one any player of any skill can easily get into.

To get the most out of Kung Foot, we’ve got a few helpful tips.


When it comes to playing the goal defensively, Globox seems to be the best player of the bunch. He does sacrifice some speed with his bigger size, but he also has an advantage when it comes to goal coverage with his height. His range on his “slap attacks” is also a little bigger this way, in case he needs to stop a ball from coming in from straight ahead or up above.

Also, if you don’t have a clear shot at the ball when it comes to shooting at the goal, do the next best thing – get it in the air. Sure, this may allow your rivals to try and get at it, but it’ll give you breathing room for a second as you and your teammate try to figure out your next move. Sometimes, that split second of thinking may be the key to scoring a goal.

Taking Your Shots

When it comes to shooting for a goal in Kung Foot, there are two ways you can go about it.

The first is with power shots. If you hit the ball dead on when it’s coming at you, or give it just the right amount of “slap,” if you will, then you’ll light it aflame, giving it an extra burst of speed. It could be enough to send it sailing right past the goalie, providing you with that crucial extra point.

Another way you can score is through lofty shots. By hitting the ball into the air and sending it sailing towards the goal, the goalie might miss out on it coming in, and it could bop right past him or her. This is more of a chance opportunity than taking those fire-based shots, but we have seen goals scored this way – so why not give it a chance?

Play as a Team

When you’re playing together with another player, it always helps to be on the same page. For instance, when you’re not in control of the ball, you want to make sure that someone is always near the goal, if not right in front of it. That’s because if both of you are running along ragged on the ground, you leave it wide open for someone to take a shot at.

However, as you gain control of the ball, you can change tactics – but do so just a little bit. Make sure one player is at least near the goal, in case it flies in your direction unpredictably after being hit. However, if two players try to gang up on you, have this second player serve as a back-up plan, so you can hit the ball to them and they can take a shot at the goal in their own right. They can also jump out and temporarily distract opponents so you can take your shot, but just remember this may leave your goal exposed. Try to work together and keep everything covered, but if you see an opportunity, go ahead and take it.

Have Fun – It’s Not FIFA

These tips sound like serious business, but we assure you, the game is most certainly not. Rayman Legends’ Kung Foot game is easily one of the best mini-games we’ve seen in a while, and it’s based all around the silliness and smile-inducing fun that the whole game is known for. You don’t have to worry about certain passes or anything like that – just take shots on the ball any chance you get, and don’t be afraid to slap a friend or two.

Rayman Legends is available now for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, PS Vita and PC.

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