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Rayman Legends Co-Op Multiplayer Tips

by Prima Games Staff


Rayman Legends is available now, and fans of the 2011 classic Rayman Origins won’t want to miss out on this one. Michel Ancel and his team have outdone themselves with compelling level design, beautiful artwork, an inspired soundtrack and the same terrific side-scrolling gameplay that Rayman has become known for over the years, with a few new twists here and there.

However, this isn’t just a solo journey. Sure you could play Legends by yourself, but the real joy comes from teaming up with three other players for a full-blown local four-player romp. It works in a cooperative manner, so you don’t have to worry about that collects the most Lums and captive Teensies in a stage. That shouldn’t stop you from showing a bit of your competitive side, though, as you can still slap friends if you feel the need to.

It can be a little hectic at first – there’s so much happening on the screen at once – but it’s certainly worthwhile. Here are a few tips that will guide you into this crazy world of multiplayer.

Just Because You’re Out Doesn’t Mean You’re Out

Rayman Legends’ multiplayer works very similarly to New Super Mario Bros. in terms of keeping players together as a team. If you manage to take a hit on some spikes or an enemy – or you simply screw up and fall too far behind in a stage – your character inflates. Unlike the single player game, they don’t explode and lose a life. Instead, they simply float around, with the controller still moving them around, though uselessly, through the level.

The only way to get out of this state is for a fellow player to come into contact with you. When you’re floating around like a balloon, call upon a friend to slap you back into the game. It doesn’t cost you any health, and it’ll put your character back into play – probably when you’re needed the most.

It’s vital to keep as many characters going in a round as possible, because once all four players go into bubble state, they explode, and you’ll have to start over at the previous checkpoint. You’ll want to keep progress going, so free your fellow players whenever you have the chance.

It should be noted you also can’t collect Lums or Teensies while you’re inflated, so leave that to the “active” players until you’re popped back into the world.

Enter the Murfy

In the Wii U version of the game, several players can join in using Wii remotes, while one main player controls the actions of Rayman’s flying fairy buddy Murfy using the touch-screen. In some stages, his participation is vital, as there are some spots where you’ll need to move a platform down for other characters to get through, or show a gap in a spiked wall so they know where to jump through. It may not be as active a role as controlling a character on the ground, but it remains important nevertheless. It also provides a neat new perspective on play, so make sure you pass the GamePad around during your next gameplay session.

As for the other versions of the game, Murfy’s actions are usually handled automatically, though on occasion you will need to get through certain challenges by calling on him with the B or circle button, depending on your version of the game.

Try and Keep Up

Pacing is everything in these multiplayer stages, especially the ones that are higher up in “skull” rating, which usually goes from one to five. Once you enter three or more, you’ll want to prepare yourself for a challenge. These are fast-moving stages where you and your friends will have to work cohesively as a unit in order to get through them in one piece.

With that, when you’re going through these stages, if you’re leading the pack, watch out for dangers that lie ahead. The music stages in particular (link to music stage article here) are fast moving, and one mistake could take you out of the lead. However, you still remain in play if a friend “pops” you back into existence.

If you’re following whoever is in the lead, try and mimic their actions unless you see an alternative path that allows you to collect Lums or Teensies that are outside of reach. Also, watch out if someone makes a mistake, as you’ll don’t want to repeat it – like clearing across a gap or running into a spiked wall that will end your run. There’s nothing more disparaging than coming across a wall that all four of you run into, causing the round to start over. Stay alive, but stay creative as well.

Have Fun, and Get Slap Happy

Finally, remember that Rayman Legends is built on the basis of silliness. Sure, its platform design can be serious business, especially in the later stages, but it’s all about having fun with it. If you and your friends want to get into a hilarious slap fight, you can. You won’t lose any health, but you might bust your gut laughing from the reactions. If you feel like taking your competitive spirit a little further, you could always engage in a round of Kung Foot to show them who’s boss.

Rayman Legends is available now for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, PC and PS Vita. Don’t forget to check out our Beginners’ Tips as well.


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