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Pikmin 3 – Pikmin Types

by Prima Games Staff

All Pikmin share a set of basic skills. As you explore an area, you’ll use Pikmin to battle enemies, destroy obstacles, and transport objects. Most Pikmin are vulnerable to common hazards like fire, water, electricity, and crushing damage. Understanding the unique strengths and weaknesses of each Pikmin type is the key to overcoming the game’s many challenges.

Red Pikmin

Unique Strengths:
High attack power
Immune to fire

Unique Weaknesses:

Due to their superior attack power, Red Pikmin perform very well in most combat situations. Because these Pikmin are immune to fire, however, they are particularly important when you need to overcome one of the game’s fiery hazards.

Yellow Pikmin

Unique Strengths:
Immune to electricity
Can connect Electrodes
Can be thrown higher than other Pikmin
Increased digging speed

Unique Weaknesses:

When thrown, Yellow Pikmin can be used to reach platforms and ledges that are inaccessible to other Pikmin types. These versatile Pikmin can also overcome electrical hazards, as well as activate the Electrodes scattered throughout the game. Although any Pikmin can unearth buried objects, Yellow Pikmin can do so at a much faster rate.

Blue Pikmin

Unique Strengths:
Immune to water

Unique Weaknesses:

Blue Pikmin are the only Pikmin type that can safely enter the water. Gather a squad of Blue Pikmin whenever you encounter a submerged enemy, object, or obstacle.

Rock Pikmin

Unique Strengths:
High attack power when thrown
Immune to most crushing attacks
Can shatter crystal objects

Unique Weaknesses:
Cannot cling to most objects or enemies
Falls down after each attack
Bounces past target when thrown

Rock Pikmin can destroy the crystal-based objects, obstacles, and enemies located throughout the game. When thrown, Rock Pikmin are capable of dealing a massive amount of damage to their target, but they do considerably less damage when they’re left to attack on their own. With their durable bodies, Rock Pikmin are particularly useful when battling enemies that would trample or crush other Pikmin types.

Winged Pikmin

Unique Strengths:
Aerial combat
Can pull Flukeweeds

Unique Weaknesses:
Low attack power

Because Winged Pikmin can fly, they’re able to perform a variety of tasks that other Pikmin just can’t handle. Winged Pikmin can carry items over hazards and obstacles, they can manipulate special objects, and they can pull the Flukeweeds scattered throughout the game. These tiny Pikmin also play an important role in many combat situations—although Winged Pikmin have very low attack power, they’re able to chase down enemies that might elude stronger Pikmin types.

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