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Pikmin 3 Enemies Sneak Peak

by Prima Games Staff

Players will discover a variety of dangerous creatures in Pikmin 3, the majority of which do an excellent job killing precious Pikmin. That said, here’s a look at a handful of critters you’ll encounter in the game, along with the best ways to defeat these enemies.

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Bulborb: These large creatures use their jaws to gobble up several Pikmin with each bite.  Whenever possible, use a large squad of Pikmin to charge the creature from the rear.  If brute force isn’t an option, throw Red Pikmin and Rock Pikmin onto the creature’s back. During an extended battle, it’s important to retrieve your Pikmin as the Bulborb shakes them off.

Dwarf Bulborb: Dwarf Bulborbs are much weaker than their fully-grown counterparts.  To quickly defeat a Dwarf Bulborb, toss a single Pikmin onto the creature’s back.

Dwarf Bulbear: Dwarf Bulbears aren’t nearly as dangerous as their fully-grown counterparts.  Toss a single Pikmin onto a Dwarf Bulborb to quickly defeat this small enemy.

Fiery Blowhog: A Fiery Blowhog attacks by shooting flames out of its snout.  When you encounter a Fiery Blowhog, use your Red Pikmin to attack the creature without suffering casualties.  If your squad contains only a small amount of Red Pikmin, use them to distract the Fiery Blowhog, then flank the creature and have your more vulnerable Pikmin charge from the rear.

Phosbat: Phosbats aren’t particularly strong, but they tend to appear in large groups. These creatures are very sensitive to light; activate nearby Glowcaps or Light Bulbs to defeat any Phosbats caught in the resulting glow.  If no light source is available, toss Pikmin onto individual Phosbats until the area is clear.

Skutterchuck: Skutterchucks attack by launching crystal projectiles from their backs.  When you encounter a Skutterchuck, use one Rock Pikmin to shatter the Crystal Nodules, then toss another Rock Pikmin onto the creature’s exposed back.

Arctic Cannon Larva: The Arctic Cannon Larva is a large burrowing creature that attacks by launching large Snowballs at its enemies. These Snowballs won’t damage your Pikmin directly, but they are capable of incapacitating your Pikmin or carrying them into hazards. When you encounter an Arctic Cannon Larva, dodge its attacks and flank the creature. Throw a steady stream of Rock Pikmin into the creature’s back, or send your entire squad charging in to attack.

Medusal Slurker: The Medusal Slurker is a low-flying enemy that uses a sticky appendage to absorb any Pikmin that wander below it. When you encounter a Medusal Slurker, throw your Pikmin at the creature’s soft outer shell. Rock Pikmin are particularly effective, but all Pikmin types can be used to deal with this enemy. When you defeat a Medusal Slurker, any Pikmin it managed to absorb are set free.

Wogpole: Wogpoles are harmless aquatic creatures that retreat any time they feel threatened. If you’re determined to defeat a Wogpole, it’s usually best to send a squad of Blue Pikmin charging in to attack the creature.  Most of the time, however, it’s not worth the time it takes for your Pikmin to chase down a fleeing Wogpole.

Red Spectralids: The Red Spectralid is another harmless flying creature. When you defeat this enemy, it drops a bit of Ultra-Spicy Nectar. If you choose to attack a Red Spectralids, use your Winged Pikmin to quickly defeat the enemy.

Pyroclasmic Slooch:  Pyroclasmic Slooches are flame-covered creatures that produce trails of fire as they move around an area. In addition to these very effective defensive qualities, these creatures are able to devour any Pikmin standing directly in front of them. When battling a Pyroclasmic Slooch, use a squad of Red Pikmin to charge the creature from the rear, or throw Red Pikmin onto its back.

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