This chart acts as a collectibles checklist for the collectibles in Operations 009-A, 009-B and 009-C. The following collectibles are tracked by this section: Wonderful Files, GEATHJERK Files, Hero Heart Fragments, Wonderful Figures, and recruitable Wonderful Ones. These items are listed in the order you encounter them:


Operation 009-A Collectibles Checklist


Collectible Description
1. GEATHJERK File No. 43: Giga-Goojin 1. In the center of the Envan.
2. Figure No. 88: Wonder-Fireworks 2. Hammer the edge of the Envan marked on the map.


Operation 009-B Collectibles Checklist


Collectible Description
1. Figure No. 100: Wonder-Antenna 1. Kahkoo-regah on Normal.
2. Figure No. 93: Wonder-Fixit 2. Kahkoo-regah on Hard.
3. Figure No. 118: Platinum Robo 3. Kahkoo-regah on 101% Hard.
4. Figure No. 19: Wonder-Zombie 4. In the Blue Supply Box.
5. Figure No. 84: Wonder-Motorbike 5. In the Yellow Supply Box.
6. GEATHJERK File No. 35: GEATH-Wahksay 6. Wonder-Circle the center of the floor.
7. Hero Heart Fragment 7. In the Pink Supply Box.
8. Wonderful File No. 21: Shirogane Comet 8. In the Green Supply Box.
9. Wonderful File No. 22: Platinum Robo 9. Hammer one of the hatches in Mission 5.
10. Member No. 65: Wonder-Astronaut 10. Standing by the Black Supply Box.
11. Figure No. 33: Wonder-Clown 11. Wonder-Circle the center of Mission 5.
12. Figure No. 14: Wonder-Toy 12. Hammer one of the hatches in Mission 5.
13. Figure No. 81: Wonder-Tombstone 13. Out in the open near the Kahkoo-regah.
14. Figure No. 78: Wonder-Bulb 14. Kahkoo-regah on Normal.
15. Figure No. 68: Wonder-Vender 15. Kahkoo-regah on Hard.
16. Figure No. 106: Wonder-Captain 16. Kahkoo-regah on 101% Hard.


Operation 009-C Collectibles Checklist


Collectible Description
1. GEATHJERK File No. 34: Gunchew 1. In the White Supply Box.
2. Hero Heart Fragment 2. Automatically acquired after falling through to the second platform.


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