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Mario & Luigi Dream Team: Collectibles

by Prima Games Staff

As Mario and Luigi explore Pi’illo Island and its dream worlds, they come across a variety of collectible items which can have a significant impact on their adventure. Collecting these items is purely optional. But each set of collectibles has its own rewards, sometimes resulting in new attacks, stat bonuses, items, gear,and coins. So make the effort to search out these collectibles—you won’t be disappointed with the results.

Attack Pieces

Collectables 1
Multi-colored blocks scattered throughout Pi’illo island contain items known at Attack Pieces. When you’ve acquired ten Attack Pieces in one region or dream world, you’re rewarded with a new attack. In the real world, Attack Pieces unlock new Bros. Attacks for Mario and Luigi. In the dream world, Attack Pieces unlock powerful Luiginary Attacks. While most Attack Pieces are found, some can be acquired to speaking with different characters or completing certain tasks. So make a habit of talking to everyone you encounter—they may have a lead on the next Attack Piece.


Collectables 2

Once you’ve learned the Mini-Mario move, you can go underground and retrieve beans. Look for the X on the ground to find a beanhole, then go underground and surface to retrieve a bean. Beans are powerful consumable items which boost a respective state by one point. There are six different beans in all, each representing a different stat: Heart Beans increase HP, Bros. Beans increase BP, Power Beans increase POW, Defense Beans increase DEF, Speed Beans increase SPEED, and Stache Beans increase STACHE. You may also come across super-rare DX beans. Unlike standard beans, DX beans add three points to its affiliated stat. DX beans can be acquired by defeating Gold Beanies or by decrypting shots at Kylie Koopa’s in Wakeport.


Collectables 3
A long time ago, Pi’illo Island was home to a peaceful people called Pi’illo folk. But during a conflict with Antasma, the Pi’illo folk became petrified in rock-like objects—which look just like pillows. Trapped within nightmare chunks in the dream world, the Pi’illo folk have remained dormant for many years. But Mario and Luigi can rescue the Pi’illo folk by entering the dream world and busting these nightmare chunks. So when you find one of these purple pillows, approach it and enter the dream world to rescue the P’illo trapped inside. After rescuing several Pi’illos, speak with Eldream in Mushrise Park’s Maintenance Hut area to receive gifts—rewards are issued at different thresholds, including Mario’s powerful Zee Egg Bros. Attack!

Camera Blocks

Collectables 4
In Wakeport, Kylie Koopa creates guidebooks for Pi’illo Island—and she could use some help. Kylie has installed Camera Blocks throughout the island—there is one Camera Block in each region. These blocks contain pictures called shots. But all of the shots taken by Camera Blocks are scrambled. Therefore, they must be decrypted, just like a puzzle. Every time you decrypt a shot within the allotted goal time, Kylie rewards you. Coins are offered for completing level 1 and level 2 shots. But if you’re fast enough to decrypt a challenging level 3 shot, Kylie hands over a DX bean. So take the time to find all the Camera Blocks and decrypt these shots—it’s well worth the effort.

While gathering collectibles isn’t necessary to save Pi’illo Island from the clutches of Antasma and Bowser, reaping the rewards associated with these items makes the task much easier and rewarding. For more information on the game, including a step-by-step walkthrough with detailed maps revealing every item in the game, check out the Mario and Luigi: Dream Team Prima Official Guide, available now.