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Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX – Mini Games

by Prima Games Staff

You encounter all the mini-games during the normal course of your adventures, but most of them have extra items you can earn if you come back to them.

The Deep Jungle has Jungle Sliding and Vine Swinging, and the Hundred Acre Wood has many games to enjoy. If you want to collect even greater rewards and have a great time along the way, try out these mini-games.


Return to the Deep Jungle after you lock the world and head to the Tunnel. Jump into the log and slide with Tarzan down the five courses. Each course has 10 fruits to collect; slide into them to collect them as you jet down the course. For the first course, you need all 10 fruits; for the second course, you need 20 fruits (10 from the first course and 10 from the second course) to earn the prize. If you miss a fruit, you’ll need to start over, though you don’t have to climb back up to the Tunnel—instead, press the START button and choose the Restart option to begin again.

Course #1

The first course is the same as the one you use to lock the Deep Jungle. Collect all 10 fruits to earn an Elixir. At the end, when the trail forks, veer to the left and into the cave to continue racing.

Course #2

The dark caves are riddled with obstacles like rocks and stalactites. Collect all 20 pieces of fruit to earn an AP Up. When you near the end, go to the left again to continue racing.

Course #3

The third course is very fast, so stay on your toes to slide back and forth and catch all 10 fruits. If you have the 20 fruits from the first two courses, plus these 10, you earn a Dark Matter. At the end of this course, you must veer to the right to continue racing.

Course #4

The fourth course slows down a bit. If you collect all 40 fruits up to this point, you earn a Defense Up. At the course’s end, take the left fork to continue racing.

Course #5

The fast speed of the final course makes collecting the last 10 fruits very difficult. Concentrate on weaving at the right time to gain these 10 fruits, plus the 40 before, to earn a Power Up. After you finish, you can return to race and try to outdo your best time.

Vine Swinging

Vine Swinging is for fun; there are no additional items to earn. Climb up to the vine nearest the Camp entrance in the Hippos’ Lagoon. Examine the yellow flower near the save point, and when it blooms, accept the time trial challenge. Jump from vine to vine and race toward the finish line near the entrance to the Climbing Trees. The Jump Course uses all regular vines. The Trap Course contains slippery snakes. If you don’t jump off a slippery snake within two seconds of it appearing, you plummet to the Hippos’ Lagoon below.

Hundred Acre Wood Games

As you recover Torn Pages for Merlin’s Old Book, you unlock areas of the Hundred Acre Wood. Each area has games you can play, including the Hunny Tree, Bouncing with Tigger, Pooh’s Swing, and Tigger’s Giant Pot. For complete details on all the games, turn to the “Hundred Acre Wood” chapter in the complete, official Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX print guide or digial guide!

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