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Halo: Spartan Assault Co-Op Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Halo: Spartan Assault is an action-packed single player experience, with various missions to tackle and different weapons and armor types to use. However, as an added bonus, the console versions of the hit mobile game also come with co-op. In these five missions, you’ll complete challenges while taking on hordes of the Flood, covering each other’s backs while struggling to complete each task.

Here are some tips that will help you get the most from your co-op experience.


First, you’ll need to use ammunition carefully, especially in time-based missions where you must survive as long as possible without being overrun by the Flood. In this case, you’ll want to find weapons that are not only powerful, but long lasting.

One safe bet is the assault rifle. Even though its firing capacity isn’t as strong as other weapons, it has more than enough ammunition to suffice, not to mention a very good range. Once you run out of bullets, look for a station around the center of the stage to pick up another one. Don’t waste ammo.

As for your secondary weapon, it depends on what kind of fighter you are. If you prefer getting up close and personal with enemies, a shotgun is rather useful – especially against armed Flood. (NOTE: this is also good when they explode into smaller Flood creatures, as you can take them out with one or two blasts.)

If you prefer a more explosive solution, go with the grenade launcher. This is awesome when fired at a group of enemies, as it can take them out with one shot. Again, though, it’s advised that you set up your shots as accurately as possible, as this is one of the more limited weapons in the game. Try to save it for later in the round, when the tougher Flood begin to appear.


In certain stages, you’ll have access to a secondary turret that provides additional firepower, which is quite useful when you’re eliminating larger groups of the Flood. However, with these, you’ll need to keep something in mind – they’re limited.

These turrets can provide a nice offense against incoming enemies, but their firepower will only last a few seconds. After that, you’ll need to let them recharge in order to use them again. It’s best to save these for last ditch efforts, like when your main weapons aren’t enough or you can’t access other guns in a nearby storage locker. These are really good against gun-toting enemies or ones that require more firepower to bring down.

In addition, keep an eye on which ones you’ll be using in an area. If your co-op buddy likes to use one on his side of the level, leave it be unless he’s somehow overrun. Then, feel free to jump in and get his back – but try not to hit him directly. Teamwork is everything, and you don’t want to be a “turret hog.”

Covering All the Bases

When it comes to the Flood, they will attack you from all sides. The first stage, Checkpoint, is pretty simple, as there are only two entrances to the left and right. As you go along, however, enemies come from different places.

Try to work with your teammate to make sure that all the angles are covered. For instance, in the opening stage, have one person cover the left while the other takes the right. As time goes on (you’ll need to defend the stage from incoming Flood for five minutes), go over to your partner if you think he or she needs assistance, but don’t forget that the Flood can come charging at any time. Stay on your guard.

Remember, you both need to survive the stage in order to complete it. One of you could die and come back, provided the other soldier is still up and running around. You also have to keep in mind that you share a shield bar, so if you see that your partner is about to die, stay in a safe spot for a moment until he or she regenerates. 

On a side note, you do get some ammunition back for all your weapons when you regenerate. Keep that in mind in case you don’t have access to weapons in the nearby locker, or can’t grab something that an enemy has dropped.

Power Cores Take Precedence

Finally, on stages that involve Power Cores, like the fifth Co-Op mission, Power Net, it’s VITAL that you take out all the Power Cores as soon as you can. Failing to do so will activate more of the Forerunner automated defense systems. On the one hand, this makes the game tougher, but it also provides the opportunity to earn more points by defeating enemies that come at you. The choice is yours, depending on what you want to do – get a high score, or simply complete the mission. Chat with your buddy and figure out what you want to do.

Good luck – and don’t forget to keep your weapon loaded!

Halo: Spartan Assault is available now for Xbox One, and will release for Xbox 360 later this month.

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