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Forza Motorsport 5: Top Gear Full Track Tips

by Prima Games Staff

If you’re a car enthusiast, chances are you’re a fan of the BBC series Top Gear, where the team treats vehicles like cherished gifts. Well, that same team plays a big role in Forza Motorsport 5, and were kind enough to not only lend the mystery test driver to compete against, but also their Full Test track.

Located in Dunsfold, England, the Top Gear Full track is set up like an obstacle course. You’ll need to watch how you handle turns in these areas, and also keep an eye open for dangers, including fake buildings (which, by the way, you can run through if you’re in a destructive mood) and caution pistons.

The first thing you’ll come upon is a tight turn, so you may not want to accelerate too much coming out of the gate. Go for a moderate speed, take the turn and then floor it. You’ll be on a straightaway for a little bit before coming upon your first tight turn.

Keep in mind that the obstacles aren’t your only problem. If you somehow go off the ground, you’ll slide into the grass surrounding it, and experience steering troubles as a result. Use your rewind if necessary, but pay attention to the lines on the road if you’ve got your driver assist turned on. When it starts turning red, decelerate, take the turn and get back up to speed. 

You’ll travel a little further down the road and come to another tight turn, highlighted by a stack of tires on each side. Watch out for that right side, as it’s holding a nasty curb that can stop your car completely. Stay in the middle, slow down and take the turn. Once you’re through it, get back up to speed.

Don’t worry about hitting smaller objects like the caution pistons and the fake blocks. However, do watch out for bigger things, like the cardboard cutouts. If your car hits these the wrong way, you could spin-out. Avoid these as often as you can, and leave them for the other cars.

Aside from that, there are a couple of hairpin turns to watch out for, but you’ve got a few straightaways that give you the chance to catch up with the opposition. You just need to make sure you maintain enough speed to get there, but not go wild to the point that your car feels like it’s in a slip and slide.

Don’t worry about destroying stuff, either. This is the Top Gear track, after all, and it’s about finding that level of performance in your vehicle, not how many cutouts you run through en route to the finish line. Remember that using your rewind does take away from your overall winnings, so use it sparingly – or if you prefer, start the race over. You won’t be penalized unless you’re in some form of an online event.

Although the Top Gear Full track isn’t as luxurious as other tracks in the game – we’re looking at you, Sweden – it’s bound to be a dream come true for fans of the show, or for those looking to kick back and run over a few objects without denting their beloved rides. Just watch out for the curbs and the grass – even the mystery driver avoids them.

Forza Motorsport 5 is available now for Xbox One.

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