Forza Motorsport 5 is a racer that sends you globetrotting, taking on race tracks in Atlanta one minute before flying off to Abu Dhabi or London the next. It's always interesting to see what's around the corner – but no course has been more eye-catching for us than Prague.

It's not a devoted race track, but rather one built into the city itself, starting out on a few winding roads before making its way into the local village and, soon, the divine streets leading to the finish line. There's a lot of tricky terrain to master here – and it's easy to get lost in the spellbinding view – but we've got some helpful tips to guide you along. 

When you first get started in the race, you'll have a little bit of room to get some speed on before coming upon your first turn, and, from there, you should be able to keep a decent pace, of around 80 MPH – or higher, if you prefer. Just make sure you keep some good balance in there, and that you're prepared for the turns that come ahead. Some you can take without slowing down much, while others require a bit more precision braking to get through.

This is another one of those courses where the driving aids really earn their keep. The arrows alone give you a solid indication of when to brake and when to floor it. For instance, there's one good lenient turn before you head into the forest part of the track where it first appears you have to slow down, but if you've got the steering in the right place – turning to the left and riding with the curve of the turn – then you can keep your accelerator at full capacity. Of course, you'll have to slow down or maneuver around cars that get in your way – particularly on the first lap – but it's a good spot to get a few passes in.

From there, the road will narrow a bit and you'll have to deal with a few turns as you get through it. A big winding left will take you into the village area, and, from there, you'll have to pay attention as you careen right and left. It's here that, if you're good enough on your speed and handling, you can move up a couple more spots, as some cars tend to overbrake and make it easy to get around them. Considering how narrow the road is, however, there's also the possibility of a bump, which could serve you a racing penalty. Keep the "rewind" button on stand-by if you're a perfectionist.

Upon coming on a sharp turn in the village, you're going to come to a tunnel. It's important to stay on the main part of the road here, as you don't want to veer off too far to the left and, as a result, possibly crash into something. Handle the turn with the proper amount of speed, then level off as you go into the tunnel. Doing so will allow you to keep the lead on your opponents. It may take a lap or two to get used to, but you'll get the hang of it.

After clearing the village, you'll cross a huge bridge where you can get your speed back up before veering into the main part of the city. This is a good opportunity to get some leverage on opponents that are behind you, or catch up to someone who may have a few seconds' lead on you. Just remember that there's a small entry at the end of the bridge, so stay close to the center of the road as possible. 

After veering into the city, prepare for a gradual left turn, letting off the accelerator and slightly using your brakes enough so that you're still going, but don't end up in a skid that could result in a crash. After that, you'll have a couple of sharp turns, but you should be able to see them with driving aids on. If not, keep an eye on the track layout on the corner of the screen and prep up for them.

Once you get past a really sharp left turn, you should have another small, winding turn before you can gun it for the finish line. Remember, if you haven't managed to move up through your entire field on the first lap, you still have another to do so, with opportunities to pass cars in both the village and the city separated by the bridge. Think smart, maintain the right speed for your car, and you'll catch up enough to make Prague the home for your latest victory. 

Forza Motorsport 5 is available now for Xbox One.