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Dragon’s Crown: Amazon Tips

by Prima Games Staff

At first glance, it may appear as though the Amazon is a basic damage dealer. However, as soon as you start playing as the classes and obtain a few of her skills, you’ll quickly learn that it will take skill to make the most of the Amazon. In the right hands she can be an extremely deadly class, but in the wrong hands you won’t last long in the heat of battle.

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Strength: A

While not the strongest class in Dragon’s Crown, the Amazon has a very high strength ranking. She can dish out damage with the best of them, and that’s before you take into account her Berserker abilities and other means to increase her damage output. With all things considered, a level 99 Amazon could probably out-damage any class in the game.

Constitution: C

An Amazon may be a brutal damage dealer, but she can also be compared to a glass canon. She won’t die with a single hit (in most cases), but with a less than stellar constitution rank, she won’t withstand too many attacks. Luckily she has a couple different skills that help her on the defensive end, but it’s always good to carry a few healing potions with you.

Intelligence: C

The Amazon doesn’t have the best intelligence rank, but that’s okay. You’ll never encounter a time where you wish her magic attack damage was higher. She has plenty of damage output with physical attacks alone, and her various skills only serve to enhance that ability.

Magic Resistance: C

Amazon’s are simply not defensive classes. Her constitution rank is relatively low, and her magic resistance isn’t any better. The moral of the story is to simply not get hit. Thankfully, the Amazon has a few skills and abilities that help her with that dilemma, not to mention a solid party with an overprotective Fighter would also solve any concerns about her lacking defensive capabilities.

Dexterity: B

For a damage dealing class that relies heavily on physical attack damage, the Amazon’s dexterity rank is only about average. She won’t always get the maximum damage from her weapons, but once you get the hang of her various skills and abilities, it will be the least of your worries. She has everything she needs to destroy her enemies, with or without a high dexterity rank.

Luck: A

What the Amazon lacks in dexterity, she makes up for in luck. She has a high luck rank, which means she’ll land more critical hits than most of the other classes. Combine this with her already high damage output and you’ll soon find that she is the definition of a powerhouse.


The Amazon has quite a few skills that help her with the damage dealing party role. However, what makes her skills a little different than the other classes is the fact that many of her best skills are not available until you’ve leveled up a bit. Most of her better skills you’ll gain access to by level 12, but with the other classes, you can acquire many of their best skills after you clear the initial dungeon and get your first few skill points.

While you wait to obtain some of her better skills, you can get accustomed to how the Amazon fights. You’ll have to pay attention when you battle with the Amazon. She can’t steamroll enemies like the Fighter and Dwarf. Instead, she must use her finesse to block and parry attacks in the middle of her combo strings.

Connecting a few attacks with the Amazon will give her a berserker power up. This increases her speed and damage for a limited time. You can also gain skills that will further enhance this ability, as well as other fighting skills that complement her offensive play style. Once you master her better skills, you’ll parry and counterattack enemies left and right, while dishing out severe amounts of damage.

When it comes to parrying, the Amazon does well when she has backup. Her defense isn’t the best, and many of her best skills drain her HP. While it’s best to carry healing potions, when her HP is low, an Amazon inflicts a great deal of damage with the right set of skills. Having a Fighter around to shield you from danger, a Sorceress to stop enemies from closing in on you and a Wizard to slow their movement go a long way toward allowing the Amazon to leave her HP concerns behind and unleash a flurry of attacks on her enemies.


Deadly Revolution

Deadly Revolution is a great skill to have because it allows the Amazon to change direction in the air while simultaneously attacking. She doesn’t have total freedom to change direction whenever she wants, but it offers enough freedom to give her more air mobility than most other classes. This comes in handy against bosses when she needs to be able to evade quickly in the air.


Obtain the Amazon’s Parry skill as early as possible, then master the timing of the parry. Once you have it down, you’ll not only be able to parry enemies when they attack in the middle of your combos, you’ll also gain invincibility for a short time. This is extremely helpful if you’re using the Adrenaline, Incite Rage or Iron Will skills, because they drain the Amazon’s HP to boost her power.


The Punisher skill gives the Amazon increased damage and a higher chance to go berserk. It’s a very useful skill that complements the Amazon’s play style very well. It also doesn’t use any of her HP, which is rare among her skills that amplify damage. Pick this up as early as you can and level it up quickly to make the most of the skill.


Brandish is not a skill you need early in the game, but it definitely comes in handy after you’ve completed the first nine dungeons and have moved into the harder portion of Dragon’s Crown. It allows the Amazon to follow her normal four-hit combo with a spin attack that has considerable invincibility. It can hit the surrounding enemies, and the invincibility allows the Amazon to utilize some of her HP-draining skills with a bit more freedom. Brandish works very well alongside the Parry skill, because in many cases an enemy will attack in the middle of your four-hit combo.


At the beginning of the game, you’ll have access to the Amazon’s ability to go berserk. However, the Berserk skill increases the impact of this trait. As you level up this skill, the Amazon will have more attack power and speed when she enters berserker rage. You can induce this rage by connecting multiple hits, or with the Incite Rage skill. Either way, this is a very good skill to have and something that should be leveled up as quickly as possible.


Adrenaline is one of the Amazon’s skills that uses her HP to increase her abilities. In this case, it increases her strength while lowering her HP. This is a useful skill, but you must be careful when using it. If you don’t have a good support party or healing potions available, the Amazon becomes an easy target once her HP drops. It doesn’t help that her natural defense is already weak compared to some of the other classes. You’ll need to keep a close eye on the enemy and your HP once this is active.

War Paint

War Paint is a great skill that summons clones to fight alongside your Amazon. You should probably focus on some of the Amazon’s other skills first, and make sure you have her Parrying ability down before you level this one up too much. The clones come in handy, and can certainly dish out the damage, but it’s more important to have damage on your own before you worry too much about getting a little help from clones with limited use. At the very least, they help out quite a bit during boss battles.

Incite Rage

Incite Rage is a good skill to have, but only once you’ve mastered the Parry skill and leveled up the Berserk skill at least once or twice. It allows the Amazon to go into her berserk state at any point in exchange for HP. When this happens, keep a close eye on the enemies and your HP to make sure you’re not in danger of dying. If you have a friend playing the Fighter in your party, make sure they have the ability to protect you in case your HP gets too low.

Iron Will

The Amazon has quite a few useful skills, but against bosses Iron Will might be the best. It drops your HP, but in exchange you cannot be knocked back by any attack, and every time you’re hit the attack only inflicts 10 points of damage. Of course with lowered HP you can still only take a finite number of attacks, but this skill works wonders against bosses. Obtain it as early as possible and level it up quickly.

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