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Disney Infinity – Getting Started in the Toy Box

by Prima Games Staff

Unlocking Toys

The Toy Box is the place where you can let your creativity run wild. At the beginning of the game, you start off with only a few toys. However, you can collect many more toys as you play through the game. There are two main ways to unlock Toys—playing in the Play Sets and at the Disney Infinity Vault.

Each Play Set has a number of Toys that you can take into the Toy Box once you unlock them. Look for green capsules and collect all of them. The green capsules contain Toys and other items for the Toy Box. There are also character chests which require a specific character to unlock them. Open these to get more Toys for the Toy Box. Finally, look for large vaults. These look like large character chests. However, you need all of the characters from the Playset in order to open one of these vaults. For example, in the Pirates of the Caribbean Playset, you not only need Jack Sparrow, but also Barbossa and Davy Jones. Opening these vaults unlocks an entire Toy Box world as well as several different toys for all Toy Boxes. As you can see, it is important to have all the characters if you want to get all of the toys.

The Disney Infinity Vault is the way you can unlock Toys within the Toy Box itself. The Vault is like a game of chance. It offers 16 different toys or toy packs. You then spend Spins for a chance to randomly unlock one of the 16. If you don’t get what you want, you can spend another Spin to get one of the remaining 15 toys. You can also shuffle the Vault to randomly get a new set of 16 toys. Spins are the currency you use in the Vault to unlock the toys. There are several ways to get Spins: collect them from green capsules in the Toy Box Launch, complete Mastery Adventures, earn medals in the Adventures and Character Adventures, and level up your characters. Each time you collect enough Sparks to level up a character, you get another Spin.

Building Basics in the Toy Box

Building in the Toy Box can be dauntging at first. By following five simple steps, you can get your World up and running without too much difficulty.

1. Start with the Terrain. Be sure you have enough land on which to build or that there are no obstacles in your way. Depending on which prebuilt world you choose, you may need to add more large terrain blocks to make it large enough or clear out hills and plants that might be in your way on other worlds.

2. Next start building your buildings. The Building Sets and Set Pieces are usually the largest Toys and you want to place them down on your world before adding anything else.

3. Put in any track pieces you want. Remember that with a Magic Wand in the hand of your character, you can change the theme of the track pieces to make them look like roads or trails.

4. Fill out your world out with lots of plants and decorations—these really add to a world. In addition, you may also want to use some more terrain to finish off the land. Adding some slopes or higher levels of terrain at the edges can give the illusion that the land goes on further but you can’t see it because of the higher terrain.

5. The final step is to populate the world you have created. You can use enemies, townspeople, and cast members. Don’t forget to throw in some vehicles or mounts for helping players to get around the world quickly.

Changing Themes and the Sky Dome

You can change the look of a Toy Box World with just a few steps and not even have to build anything new. To change the theme of the ground, select the ground of any part of the world while holding the Magic Wand and then press the button corresponding to the art palette icon. A menu pops up along the bottom and allows you to select from all of the themes you unlocked. Then you can either change just the theme of the block you have selected, or change the theme for the entire world. One of the ways to get new themes is to unlock them within the Play Sets so you can theme your world like those Play Sets.

You can also change the theme of some of the decorations. Select a tree or group of terrain with your Magic Wand and if it is themed terrain, you will have the option of editing the theme just like you did for the ground.

The area surrounding the land of your Toy Box World is called the Skydome. It is the backdrop or background to your world. To customize it, go into the Editor and within the Basic Toys category, select the Sky Changer. Place it anywhere in the world. When you hit the large button on the side of the Sky Changer, the Skydome changes to a different theme. Keep hitting the button on the Sky Changer to cycle through your choices.

Another way to change themes is through the use of Power Discs. There are two different types of Power Discs that affect theme. The Texture Set changes the ground and themed terrain to the new theme while the Skydome changes the sky to the new theme.

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