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Disgaea D2 – Trophies, Checklist & Bonus Math Free PDF

by Prima Games Staff

We hope you are enjoying the game as much as we are. As a special gift, we’ve put together a bonus PDF with some help from our good friends at NIS for all the Disgaea fans out there to help you chase that elusive Platinum Trophy and fill out your collections at the Data Shop. In addition to a list of all of the Trophies in the basic game (and some tips on where to track them down), we’ve included the math behind the game’s experience, Mana, and cash values and a handy series of checklists for the Item Hoarder and Special Voyeur Trophies. There’s no need to run back and forth from Paparazzi to your inventory in-game, or to keep notes by your controller; you can just use these checklists to keep track of what you’ve gotten and what you still need to get.


Printable, sharable PDF

D2 Bonus PDF

The beautiful, hardcover Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness print guide includes one of three exclusive lithographs and an access code for the playable character, Raspberyl! You know you want it, so get it!

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