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Disgaea D2 – DLC Character Spotlight: Raspberyl

by Prima Games Staff

Long-time Disgaea fans may remember Raspberyl as the #1 Delinquent at the Evil Academy in Disgaea 3, where her good deeds and charity work made her the worst-behaved student at her school. She’s made her return in Disgaea D2 due to the dimensional instability in the Netherworld.

Skill Level
Fire 1
D-Rule: Recycle 8
Mega Fire 10
Giga Fire 20
Omega Fire 40
D-Rule: Volunteer 42
Tera Fire 80
D-Rule: EcoFriend 100
Ultimate Bookmark Mounted

Acquiring Raspberyl opens a new stage in the Post-Game called Donation Outlaw, which is available through a new destination at the Dimension Guide called “Usurpers of the Throne.”

You run into Raspberyl when she’s soliciting donations for charity in the Netherworld, and since it’s her, “charity” probably doesn’t mean “her own pockets.” Naturally, this somehow ends up starting a fight.

Despite how she looks, Raspberyl is actually a monster, and as such she gets a lot out of her equipment via Monster Mastery. As a result, if you’re coming in here fresh from the main campaign, she’s strong enough to wreck a few of your characters per turn with D-Rule: EcoFriend. Raspberyl’s on her own, though, so if you have a few levels on her or you manage to surround her, she’s easy enough to beat.

  Base Stats Aptitudes
HP 20 90
SP 16 120
ATK 12 90
DEF 10 100
INT 20 130
RES 18 120
HIT 12 100
SPD 12 100
Move 4
Jump 20
Range 1
Crit 10%
Counter 1
Fire 50%
Wind 25%
Water 0%

Winning against Raspberyl recruits her for your team. If you go back to the start of the game by visiting the Time Traveler, she will remain on your roster.

You also receive a unique legendary Book, the Demon Acad. Handbook, which has a Move bonus and a larger Range than most Books do. As with many of the unlockable weapons, it’ll serve you well throughout most of the Post-Game, but is eventually outclassed by Rank 40 gear.

Evil Acad. Handbook  
Type Book
SP 750
ATK 900
DEF 300
INT 1500
RES 450
Move 1
Jump 3
Range 3
Crit 5%
Description There are rules in here that no one follows.


The DLC code for Raspberyl is available in the Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness Official Game Guide.


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