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Disgaea D2 – A Brighter Darkness Beginner Tips Part 2

by Bryan Dawson

The Disgaea series has always been about super deep strategy RPGs. It’s a paradise for hardcore players when you play a game that almost requires you to grind from the start, but new players can get a bit overwhelmed. That’s why Prima Games has you covered with our official print guide, and these beginner’s tips. As we move into part two of our Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness beginner’s tips video, we’ll be covering monster mastery, stores and customer rank, the dark assembly, and unlocking classes.

Monster Mastery is very similar to weapon mastery, except that you really only need to focus on two types of weapons. Monsters don’t have a ranking for each different type of weapon like humanoids do, but as the monsters level up, the weapon stats will still increase. Just make sure to use physical weapons with the monsters that use physical attacks, and magic-based weaponry for monsters who inflict damage or support the party with magic.

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