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Beyond Two Souls: How to Complete The Mission

by Prima Games Staff

The action picks up in Beyond: Two Souls for PlayStation 3. With this in mind, here’s a walkthrough for Chapter 18: The Mission.

The Mission chapter is more action-packed than any other scenario in Beyond: Two Souls. We hope you’re a Metal Gear Solid fan, because Jodie goes on a stealth mission and takes down some baddies – Solid-Snake style. 


The mission begins with Jodie chatting with Ryan about the assignment at the military base. Her duty is to locate a warlord known as Gemaal Sheik Charrief, and eliminate him. Here, you can glance at the photo of Gemaal and the Intel of his last location. Sounds simple enough. After you’ve looked at the photos and taken a sip of coffee, get up from the table. At this point, you’re faced with a decision: Kiss Ryan or move away. The choice is yours. Whatever you choose, the game presents the same cinema. 

Get to the Chopper 

The cinema cuts to Jodie and Ryan positioned in a helicopter above the ocean. Wait for the button cue, and when you’re ready, hop off the chopper. Jodie will drop into the ocean and swim to the base’s shoreline from here.

Check Around 

When Jodie reaches the shore, she’ll request Aiden to snoop around. Check her surroundings as Aiden and find two guards patrolling the upper-left part of the shore in front of the building. One of the guards will leave the area, while the other keeps his post. Hold X and move closer; just be sure to use the hedges for cover. The idea here is to distract the soldier as Aiden, and then assassinate him quietly as Jodie. Many objects can be interacted with in the environment, but the radio is your best bet. 

Getting Captured

If you’re captured by the militants (this can happen if you don’t get past a group of soldiers), don’t worry – there’s a way out. Jodie finds herself locked inside a building with her hands bound together. A guard accompanies her in a chair. Switch to Aiden and break the wine bottle behind Jodie; this gives her an opportunity to cut the rope tied to her hands. Follow the button cues to set her free.

Now concentrate on eliminating the guard. Hold Square for an easy takedown. The other guard will come in, so dismiss him as well. The building in which you were brought to is right near the cathedral, so refer to the “More Clues” section of this guide from this point. 


Once the guard has been dealt with, enter the building through its open passage in the upper-left corner. You will find a staircase here – ascend it. Another guard patrols the second floor of this building. Hug behind the hedge and dismiss him easily using Aiden. When clear, move into the next room and attempt to cross the board. The board will break; you can either tap Triangle to grab the ledge, or crash down to the room below. If you climb, simply jump off the ledge from the second floor. If you fall, you need to blast open the cracked wall as Aiden and then climb through. Both routes lead you to the other side of the building. 

Holiday Inn 

Arriving back outside, you have a new objective: locate the Zenakhi Hotel. This building is Gemaal’s last-known whereabouts. You will immediately changeover to Aiden at this moment. The hotel is located northwest from Jodie’s position. Simply float over the rooftops and Aiden will get a good look at the structure. Once it’s located, swap back to Jodie.

Fork in the Road

There are two routes you can take; the left path or the right path. If you take the right, follow the “Like a Snake” section. For the left path, follow “Double Assassin.”

Like a Snake 

Stay in position for a second while the military truck drives by. When the coast is clear, move east and work your way down the street. Hug the walls to stay covered, because a group of militants are present in a ruined building nearby. To move past soldiers, get into a prone position (by motion control) and then crawl by them. Don’t worry – the guards won’t see you on the ground as you pass. 

When you crawl past the guards, look for a small hedge ahead of you. Hold X to run to it and use the wall for cover. Stay in position and wait for another guard to walk by. Then put him down quickly by pressing Square when he gets close.

Double Assassin 

After the truck leaves, move west and find a small tunnel. Hug the wall here and switch to Aiden – two guards are roaming inside. Possess the one soldier and shoot him; Jodie will simultaneously take care of the other rebel. Move onward and you’ll see a guard with his back turned. Simply hug the hedge and assassinate him.

Owned, Literally 

Now that the area is cleared, move onward and hug the next building. You will see two soldiers detaining a villager from the distance. Switch to Aiden and possess the guard highlighted in red. As the guard, shoot his comrade and then blow the other’s head off. 

Stay the Night     

The hotel’s main entrance is caved-in, so run down the street to the right. Stay low and move towards the backside of the hotel. More militants occupy this zone, but they’ll leave soon enough. Now enter the hotel from the back and ascend the flight of stairs (beside the fire). Crouch into position as you enter and watch out for the guard patrolling the first floor. Take him down with ease by choking him as Aiden. With him taken care of, ascend the stairs leading to the second floor of the hotel.

Inspector Gadget 

There isn’t anyone patrolling the second floor of the hotel, so don’t panic. Your goal on the hotel’s second floor is to interact with all the objects. They can easily be spotted in Aiden’s view. Each one will present a flashback and will give Jodie a clue to where Gemaal ran off to. The shirt is technically the only one you need to check out, but it’s cool to witness the other flashbacks. The objects are as follows: 

-The fire pit on the floor.

-The blanket on the floor.

-The soldier’s shirt on the floor.

-The dinner table.

Roofing Job 

The clues pinpoint to the cathedral a few blocks down. Leave the hotel and take a left from the street. A group of militants stand guard in the area ahead. Knock down the soldier with his back turned. Then look to your right; there’s a ladder you can climb on the side of the building. Hug each hedge and then ascend both ladders. They’ll lead you to a rooftop and another guard up top. Knock him out. 

Afterward, get across the rooftops using the ramps (ignore the gruesome scenery here). At the third rooftop, you’ll see a passage you can drop down into. A guard stands point below the passage, but if you hold Square, Jodie will pounce right on top of him.

Guards Don’t Like Barrels 

Move onward to the next area and hide behind a structure. You will see a militant from the distance; simply dismiss him using Aiden. When he’s done for, continue forward and head through the alley to your left. You have yet another militant to deal with; switch to Aiden, distract him by hitting the barrel and then assassinate him from behind. Continue down the passage and swap to Aiden. There are two guards to the left path, as well as a group of civilians. Eliminate one with Aiden so the others run scared. Now that you’ve cleared this zone, exit the alley via the right path. Run towards the fire area and hide behind the next roadblock.  

Stealth Kills 

The next area is occupied by a couple of soldiers holding a hostage. Switch to Aiden and possess one of the soldiers; this way, you can easily shoot both of them. When finished, proceed down the left-side path leading to the cathedral.  

More Clues 

Approach the guards slowly. Jodie will automatically go into a prone position and then hide herself inside a building nearby. The building’s interior has a bunch of clues to Gemaal’s whereabouts. Examine the documents on the floor and trigger the flashback. In the second room, more clues are present. Check the list below: 

-The tipped-over table.

-The map on the floor.

-The guard’s corpse.

Boy Oh Boy 

After you’ve gathered enough information, exit the building and head for the ruined cathedral straight ahead. There’s nothing of importance inside the cathedral, so exit via the other side. Jodie will hear a moan from a young individual nearby. Hop off the ledge on the right side to discover an injured boy. The boy has a nasty gash on his leg, and Jodie will need to attend to the wound. Approach him, check his leg and then heal his wound using Aiden. The boy will be grateful, and will walk without a problem. Jodie then learns the kid’s name is Salim. 


As soon as Salim regains his footing, the both of them will be ambushed by a group of militants. The two soldiers will hide behind a ledge. Here, you’ll need to shoot the guard immediately to your right (wait for him to expose his location), or simply smash the wall in front of him using Aiden. For the remaining foes, switch to Aiden. Take down the guard hiding behind the hedge closest to you by bashing the wall. Second, choke the other soldier hidden behind the wall to your left.  

Next, take care of the two guards at the truck (with one operating a turret). Move Jodie closer and hide behind a wall, then shift to Aiden. As Aiden, possess the guard in red (at the driver’s door) and shoot the other guard operating the turret. Jodie will take care of the rest.


Soon after clearing the ambush, Jodie will be confronted by a soldier. Like most quick-time events, you’ll need to use the button prompts to evade his threats. If you succeed, Jodie will end up shooting the guard. If you lose, you can save Jodie as Aiden, or wait and have Salim come to the rescue.

Sun Rise 

Daylight comes after the previous events. It’s easier to see, but more difficult for Jodie and Salim to wander in the city without being spotted. Take extra care when venturing into the streets. 

Salim the Leader 

Follow Salim to the street up ahead and take cover to avoid being spotted by a tank. When the vehicles pass, continue following the boy through the village. Many civilians and rebels will be assaulted along the way, but the two of you will remain unseen. 

To the Roof 

Salim will lead you to a house with a ladder. When you attempt to cross the street, gunfire will prevent the two of you from making it there. Jodie then implies they’re going straight through – protect both characters from the bullets as Aiden when they cross the street. (If you are shot, you’ll need to heal Jodie). On the other side, give Salim a boost to reach the ladder using the motion controls. Then grab ahold of the ladder using the motion prompt again. Follow Salim and cross the rooftops. On the third building, drop back down to the streets by way of the motion controls.

Truck Ride

Move along with the kid to the next area. Jodie will spot the tower from the distance, but two soldiers near a truck will prevent them from carrying on. Take control of Aiden and possess the rebel on the left. Here, you can equip his knife and assassinate his comrade. Now you need to eliminate the driver inside the truck. Approach him from the driver’s side and stab him. After this, yank the body out of the truck and start the ignition. Aiden will take control of the truck at this point. This gives Jodie and Salim a chance to hide in the back of the truck; hop in to take a ride. 

You can hold X to keep your head down and cover Salim. If you hold L1, Jodie will peak through the truck’s window. 

Road Detour

Aiden will eventually come to a stop because of a road block. Here, you have a choice to stay put or ram through the barricade. Aiden will crash through it either way, so step on the gas by holding R2.   

Royal Rumble 

When you break through, Jodie must fend off rebels who jump onto the truck. This is standard quick-time tactics here – just be sure to knock them off the vehicle. Also be aware you’ll need to pounce to the other truck when it pulls up. Lay the smack down on the soldiers who grab Jodie. 

Note: If you miss some button sequences, you might not have to jump to the other truck, but the event hereafter still happens.

RPG, Incoming 

After dethroning your opponents from the chase, the ride will abruptly end – a rebel will fire a rocket launcher and blow up the truck. Luckily, Jodie and Salim will have escaped prior to the explosion. Jodie will then suggest the two should go their separate ways. 

A Time to Kill 

Jodie still has a job to do, and that’s to eliminate Gemaal. Surviving the car chase brings you near his location. Make your way down the street and proceed through the alley to the left. Watch the corners around the buildings and head north towards the tower. Only one guard patrols the outside entrance to the hideout’s main gate – put him down while his back is turned.

Find Gemaal 

The inside entrance of Gemaal’s hideout is heavily guarded. Jodie points out a good position in a ruined building nearby. Head inside there and peak through the hole in the wall. You automatically switch to Aiden. Aiden will need to locate the warlord, so float inside the hideout. Gemaal can be seen giving a speech to his comrades inside the building at a table. Jodie notes Aiden will have to take him out. You need to get inside the building as one of the soldiers, but it’s a bit trickier than that, considering some cannot enter the building. Below, we’ve put together some quick steps to get the job done. 

-Float over to the truck on the left side of the building and assassinate the guard here. 

-The soldier at the entrance can be possessed, but the guards won’t allow him to enter the hideout. 

-Possess the soldier leaning up against the wall (the one with the sunglasses). He’s unarmed, so head over to the back of the trucks and grab the gun. Knock out the guard as you snag it if needed.

-Enter the hideout as the soldier and shoot Gemaal. The soldier will unleash a rampage of gunfire here and then fall.

Kill Confirmed 

With Gemaal dead, Jodie will need to confirm the kill. As Aiden, blast the door open for her (the one near the trucks). Then head inside the hideout and examine Gemaal’s body (you can also look around at the mess Aiden created, only to make Jodie vomit). To confirm Gemaal’s death, take a snapshot of the corpse with Jodie’s camera. This will trigger a rather sad moment of the chapter. 

Daddy’s Gone 

Turns out, one of Gemaal’s men was actually Salim’s father. The boy shows up and glances at the massacre. After all this, Salim seeks immediate revenge, and points a gun to Jodie. An option is given to you here: protect Jodie from the gunfire, or allow the kid to shoot her. It makes no difference in your decision, since most bullets will miss her.    

Law Abiding Citizens

Attempt to leave the hideout: Jodie will be surrounded by angry citizens due to the assassination of their leader. Jodie will be shot in the process, but she’ll still be able to move. Struggle your way towards an enclosed building and break open the door. 

Note: If you don’t make it to the house, the chapter ends early. This is another variation of the chapter’s ending, but it’s still the same: Ryan rescues Jodie via helicopter.  

Inside, pick up the radio so Jodie can call in an export. You won’t get a response, and Jodie will seem helpless. She can also pick up her handgun and try to commit suicide, but Aiden will stop her.  Immediately switch to Aiden and knock down the ladder hanging from the ceiling’s shaft. Then pick yourself up (as Jodie) and ascend the ladder. Jodie will have nowhere to run, and it looks to be the end of her. However, Ryan and his army come to the rescue and save Jodie. 

Note: If you don’t escape the house in time, the rebels will drag Jodie outside. Again, this is a variation of the chapter’s ending, but it’s not much different. Ryan comes from a chopper and rescues Jodie. 


The final segment of this chapter includes Jodie and Ryan in a heated discussion on a helicopter ride. Interact with all the elements here, such as picking up Jodie’s painkillers and turning on the TV. The final straw is drawn when Jodie learns Gemaal was not a warlord, but rather a beloved leader. She then jumps out of the helicopter, and the chapter ends. 

Beyond: Two Souls is currently available for PlayStation 3.

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