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Animal Crossing: New Leaf- Get More Bells

by Prima Games Staff

Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Leaf is significantly more enjoyable if you have money – in this case, bells – to buy things.  The game’s virtual currency is easy enough to come by, but we want to maximize your earning potential.  With this in mind, here are some tips to get more.

-You can sell just about anything to Reese, the friendly alpaca that runs the Re-Tail shop. You can also put things up for sale through the Re-Tail flea market.

-Before entering Re-Tail, check the board out front to see which item Reese will pay the most for. This changes daily.

-Shaking trees may result in some free bells.  In addition, you’re free to sell pieces of fruit and even abandoned beehives.  

-Hit rocks with the shovel.  Doing this may result in bells or valuable items. In some cases the rock will break, revealing a surprise.

-You don’t have to donate fossils and critters to the museum.  Sell them to Reese instead for potentially huge profits.

-Animals will often present you with gifts, which you can turn around and sell in Re-Tail.

-Don’t forget other sellable items like seashells and flowers.

-Use the bug net and fishing pole to catch insects and fish, respectively. Then sell these creatures for bells at Re-Tail.

-Buy turnips from Joan on Sundays and then sell these vegetables to Re-Tail Monday through Saturday.  The sell price changes on a daily basis, so get the quote from Reese.  Read our turnip guide to learn more.

-Get a part-time job at Brewster’s Cafe.  Not only can you receive different qualities of coffee beans to sell for bells, but you also stand to gain rewards depending on the number of correct orders; 32 correct orders, 48, 64, etc.   

-Visit Tortimer Island and collect more exotic animals and fruit that you can sell at Re-Tail for significantly high prices.

-Buy fortune cookies from Nookling Junction for two Play Coins apiece.  Eat the cookies to reveal lucky tickets and then give these tickets to Timmy or Tommy Nook to receive special prizes.  Receive something you didn’t like?  Head to Re-Tail and sell it.

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