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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Fish Guide

by Prima Games Staff

Fishing has always been a fun pastime in Nintendo’s Animal Crossing series, and we’re happy to report that it’s just as relaxing in New Leaf for 3DS.  You’re free to snag a huge variety of fresh/saltwater fish and other creatures, which you can then sell to Re-Tail or donate to the Museum while at the same time filling your encyclopedia.  We posted fishing tips a short while ago, and now we have a list of every available fish in the game, along with the best months of the year to catch them all.

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Bitterling- December through February

Pale Chub- April through June/early September, October through November

Crucian Carp- March/October

Dace- March

Barbel Steed- March

Carp- October, November

Koi- All year

Goldfish- June through August

Popeyed Goldfish- May through early September

Killifish- June

Crawfish- April

Soft-Shelled Turtle- September

Tadpole- March

Frog- August

Freshwater Goby- October through March

Loach- April

Catfish- April

Eel- July

Giant Snakehead- June to September

Bluegill- June through early September, October through November

Yellow Perch- November through February

Black Bass- August

Pike- All year

Pond Smelt- January through February

Sweetfish- July

Cherry Salmon- October

Char- March through April, October

Rainbow Trout- October

Stringfish- September

Salmon- Early September

King Salmon- Early September

Mitten Crab- October through November

Guppy- June through early September

Nibble Fish- June through early September

Angelfish- June through early September

Neon Tetra- June through early September

Piranha- June through early September

Arowana- June to September

Dorado- June through September

Gar- June to September

Arapaima- July to September

Saddled Bichir- June to September

Sea Butterfly- January

Sea Horse- Late September

Clownfish- May through June, July through early August

Surgeonfish- April through August

Butterfly Fish- May through June

Napoleonfish- July to August

Zebra Turkeyfish- Late August

Blowfish- Winter

Puffer Fish- August

Horse Mackerel- March

Bared Knifejaw- November

Sea Bass- Year round

Red Snapper- All year

Dab- January, February, December

Olive Flounder- January, February and December

Squid- April

Moray Eel- All year

Ribbon Eel- Island only, year round

Football Fish- January through February

Tuna- February

Blue Marlin- July/August, end of September

Giant Trevally- Island only, year round

Ray- Year round

Ocean Sunfish- July through August

Hammerhead Shark- Year round

Shark- June through early August/late September

Saw Shark- Year round

Whale Shark- Island only, year round

Oarfish- Year round

Coelacanth- All year

Seaweed- March through May

Sea Grapes- August

Sea Urchin- Early August

Acorn Barnacle- June through August

Oyster- November through December

Turban Shell- April through May, August

Abalone- May through early September

Ear Shell- May

Clam- January

Pearl Oyster- January

Scallop- November through January

Sea Anemone- January through July, Late September through October, November through December

Sea Star- January through July, late September through October, November through December

Sea Cucumber- January through March

Sea Slug- November through April

Flatworm- Year round

Mantis Shrimp- March through April/early September

Sweet Shrimp- October through December

Tiger Prawn- Late September

Spiny Lobster- October through December

Lobster- May, December

Snow Crab- December through February

Horsehair Crab- December through February

Red King Crab- December through February

Spider Crab-Year round

Octopus- Year round

Spotted Garden Eel- Island only, year round

Chambered Nautilus- Island only, year round

Horseshoe Crab- August through early September

Giant Isopod- Island only, year round

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