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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Diary Day 9- Special Find

by Prima Games Staff

With the temptation to sell items for bells, it’s easy to forget about the Museum and its curator, Blathers the owl.  The idea is to donate fossils, fish and insects to Blathers so these things can be put on display, key word being donate.  You won’t earn a single bell.  That’s a tough concept to wrap one’s head around with public works projects costing hundreds of thousands.  At the same time, an empty museum looks depressing. That said, I dedicated June 25 to digging up precious goodies and catching critters, whereupon which I gave everything to Blathers, who’s always very appreciative of such things. 

By now, you probably know how to locate fossils. After purchasing the shovel for 500 bells from Nookling Junction, you go in search of stars placed along the ground.  From there, simply position your Animal Crossing villager next to it and hit the dig button.  Simple as that.  

Thing is, fossils are often elusive.  You may wind up with a pitfall seed or one of those funky gyroids.  As usual with Animal Crossing, patience is indeed a virtue.

On that note, before making a donation you must allow Blathers to assess the fossil(s) in question.  To make the process easier, Nintendo allows you to highlight multiple fossils at the same time and Blathers will assess them all in one shot.  After doing this, he gives them back and asks you to think about donating.

Today’s fossil collection included a parasaur skull, ankylo torso, tricera skull and tricera tail; you cannot donate duplicate pieces. Unfortunately, the Museum still looks rather woeful because of too much empty space, so I set out again with shovel in hand to see what I could dig up.

Here’s something weird.  While on the beach, I came across a bird named Gulliver sleeping on the sand.  Upon waking, he admitted to having amnesia and asked my help in figuring out where he was headed.  Clues: sausage, castles, theory of relativity.  Answer: Germany. The best part? He promised to send a souvenir at some point.

With that minor distraction out of the way, I returned to the Museum with new items for donation. This time, I gave Blathers a barred knifejaw, red snapper, horse mackerel, yellow butterfly, long locust and tiger butterfly; no more fossils for today.

Will probably head back out there to see what appears, but for now, not a bad start to the day.  That Museum should look much nicer by the end of the week.

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