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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Diary Day 10- Good Samaritan

by Prima Games Staff

In the previous entry I met a confused bird named Gulliver, who promised to send a gift as a token of gratitude for my assistance.  He came through this morning with a nutcracker, which I displayed in my home.  

I’ve come to the somewhat disappointing realization that animals living in my town won’t donate to public works projects and that I need to come up with all the funds. Not that I expected them to fork over 300,000 bells, but come on.  Even a few hundred would have been nice.  Such cheapskates.

This ultimately means I need to make a lot more bells.  Figure the best way to do this is to continue visiting Tortimer Island to catch exotic fish and other sea creatures, sharks in particular.

For now that could wait.  Today I wanted to speak with different animals to see what’s up and possibly return some lost items I’ve collected along the way.  First I convinced Hazel to buy an office locker from Re-Tail. “Uni-wow!”

Next, a quick trip to Nookling Junction to buy the day’s fortune cookie. The prize: a red Pikmin.  Seriously, this is my third or fourth Pikmin-themed item.  How many are there?  

Wound up running into Queenie, who started talking about memories (even good ones) making people cry. And no, the missing item didn’t belong to her.

Biff perhaps? Nope, but he did ask me to check out his muscles.  No thanks.

Curt, maybe?  Wrong again, though he did complain about the tag in his clothes making him itch.

Now here’s something interesting, Redd’s Gallery. The art-loving fox set up shop in town and sells paintings and sculptures. Almost bought Michelangelo’s David for 3,920 bells but thought better of it, what with public works projects to pay for.

Onto Derwin.  No, not the owner of the mystery item, but I did give him a pet butterfly fish. To say thanks, he gave me a baby bed.  Yup, definitely selling it.

Tried talking to Goldie but she’s upset about something.  Couldn’t even ask about the lost goodies.

At this rate, I’ll never track down the owner.  It’s a bit frustrating because I want to eliminate this junk from my inventory.  Could always sell them at Re-Tail, but when it comes to video games I am always the good guy.  Too nice, I say.

The search continues.

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