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Achievement Hunter: Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3)

by Prima Games Staff

When Ninja Gaiden 3 came out last year, it gave gamers the opportunity to get familiar once again with the masterful Ryu Hayabusa who has been carving up demons and rogues with the help of his Dragon Sword.  If that wasn’t enough action for you the definitive version of the game, Razor’s Edge, arrived earlier this month for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with a bounty of new rewards to unlock and improvements to the original game.

So now it’s time to delve back in with Ryu, utilizing a number of weapons to send his adversaries to the afterlife.  You also get a whole new bevy of Achievements and Trophies to unlock within the game.  Some come as simply as learning new abilities and applying them to your combat style; others are much trickier, requiring you to beat the game on a certain skill level (like Ultimate Ninja).  They’re all worth it, simply by saying you’ve beaten this beast of a sequel.

So without further ado, here’s the rundown of Achievements you can unlock in the game.  Happy hunting!


Falcon Dive (5 points) – Successfully mastered the Falcon Dive technique.

Sliding (5 points) – Successfully learned Sliding (holding down the left trigger and the jump button).

Flying Bird Flip (5 points) – Successfully got the hang of Flying Bird Flip.

Kunai Climb (5 points) – Learned and mastered the Kunai Climb.

Wall Run (5 points) – Got wall running down to a science (pretty much by running up alongside it and jumping successfully to the next platform).

Izuna Drop (5 points) – Learned the Izuna Drop.

Obliteration Technique (5 points) – Mastered the Obliteration Technique.

Ultimate Technique (5 points) – Dialed in the Ultimate Technique.

Ninpo Master (5 points) – Successfully mastered the effects of a Ninpo spell (can be any kind).

Steel on Bone (5 points) – Nailed the Steel on Bone Technique.


With Time Comes Rewards

Bloody Rage (10 points) – Reached the maximum karma multiplier during Bloody Rage.

Feat of a Hundred Slashes (20 points) – Achieved a 100-hit combo in combat.

Katana Master (15 points) – Took down 1,000 enemies with the Katana sword.

Dual Sword Master (15 points) – Used the Dual Swords to slice 1,000 enemies into sashimi.

Falcon’s Talons Master (15 points) – Took down 1,00 enemies with the Falcon’s Talons.

Lunar Staff Master (15 points) – Finished off 1,000 enemies with the Lunar staff.

Kusari-gama Master (15 points) – Took apart 1,000 enemies with the Kusari-gama.

Eclipse Scythe Master (15 points) – Obliterated 1,000 enemies with the Eclipse Scythe.

Fuma Kodachi Master (15 points) – Defeated 1,000 enemies with the Fuma Kodachi.

Heavenly Dragon Master (15 points) – Pummeled 1,000 enemies with the Heavenly Dragon.

Shrouded Moon Master (15 points) – Beat 1,000 enemies with the Shrouded Moon.

Crystal Skull (50 points) – Cleared all Tests of Valor.

Golden Scarab (30 points) – Obtained all Golden Scarabs.

Kunoichi (30 points) – Cleared all chapters with Ayane, Momiji and Kasumi.

You Got Skills (30 points) – Unlocked all Ninja Skills for Hayabusa, Momiji, Ayane, Kasumi and Unknown Ninja.


Working With Your Friends

These four come with playing with a buddy in co-op or against others in multiplayer.

Dark Savior (10 points) – Saved an ally.

I Got Your Back (10 points) – Completed a Co-Op Ninja Trial.

Initiation (5 points) – Played a Clan Battle.

Teamwork (15 points) – Won a Clan Battle.


And Out Come the Secrets…

And last but definitely not least, here are the secret Achievements/Trophies that you can unlock in the game.  Most are stage based, by beating certain levels in the game, but there are a few others as well.  (Warning: minor spoilers ahead.)

Steel On Steel (10 points) – Destroyed the Spider Tank.

The Grip of Murder (10 points) – Finished Day 1.

Bumpy Ride (10 points) – Finished Day 2.

Cooperation (10 points) – Finished Day 2 with Ayane.

Antediluvian Slumber (15 points) – Finished Day 3.

The Great Escape (15 points) – Finished Day 4.

The Karma of a Shinobi (15 points) – Finished Day 5.

Waiting (15 points) – Finished Day 6.

On Your Own (10 points) – Finished Day 6 with Ayane.

Advent of the Goddess (15 points) – Finished Day 7.

Shinobi (30 points) – Cleared the game on Normal difficulty.

Mentor (50 points) – Cleared the game on Hard difficulty.

Master Ninja (75 points) – Cleared the game on Master Ninja difficulty.

Ultimate Ninja (100 points) – Cleared the game on Master Ninja difficulty.

Hayabusa Style Grand Master (15 points) – Reached Level 50 with Ryu.

Lone Ninja (30 points) – Cleared 10 Solo Trials.

Initiate (10 points) – Cleared 10 Acolyte Trials.

Veteran (10 points) – Cleared 10 Mentor Trials.

Prestige (10 points) – Cleared 5 Leader Trials.

Overlord (50 points) – Cleared 5 Master Ninja Trials.

Ultimate (100 points) – Cleared 3 Ultimate Ninja Trials.


The biggest Achievements you can get in the game are also the most ferocious.  To beat the game on Ultimate Ninja, you need to seriously have your game face on and know defenses like the back of your hand, because enemies will eat you alive if you aren’t careful.  We suggest progressively working your way through the game on each difficulty setting in order to get there.  It probably wouldn’t hurt to try out Hero mode as well to see how successful defenses work against certain enemies.

As far as the easiest Achievements are concerned, they come automatically at the beginning of the game.  You earn these by going up to bodies and learning techniques or opening select chests (they’re easy to spot) over the course of the game.  By completing the move within the game (like the Wall Run or executing a ninpo attack), they automatically unlock – so no worries there.

Don’t forget the multiplayer.  While there are only four Achievements available, they’re pretty good ones that you can earn simply by being a team player.  It’s definitely worth a try, especially if you’re tired of being swamped by demons in Ultimate Ninja difficulty.

Good luck!

Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge is available now for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Prima Games Staff

The staff at Prima Games.