Robot Cache is changing the way people Buy, Play, and Sell games online

With Robot Cache, everyone wins.

This article is written in partnership with Robot Cache.

The conveniences presented by the digital format have gradually made it the most popular way of buying video games, yet it comes with one huge limitation. You can buy and you can play, but you can’t sell. At least that used to be the case, until Robot Cache decided to do something about it.

Robot Cache Gives Power Back to the Players

With Robot Cache, you get full freedom over your digital games library. Don’t like a game you purchased? Sell it! You liked the game you bought but it has no replay value? Sell it! You have no particular reason and want to sell a game just because? Sell it! Your Robot Cache library is yours to do with as you please. You’ll get 25 percent of the game’s selling value, with the vast majority of the remaining sum going straight to the game’s developer.

To make this freedom possible, Robot Cache uses a stable blockchain, which guarantees the legitimacy of each transaction. Once the original owner agrees to sell, the game is transferred to its new owner on the blockchain, and the deal is closed. Zero percentage chance of a scam.

Of course, none of this can happen without the blessing of game developers. Robot Cache offers an unmatched revenue percentage, with game devs and publishers receiving at least 90 percent of the platform’s share for each sale made within the Robot Cache store, be it for a new game or a resale.

With Robot Cache, everyone wins. The user has more freedom in a digital games store than ever before and game developers get a huge financial boost from a market that did not previously exist. The large revenue percentage offered by Robot Cache can make a world of difference for smaller studios in particular. Without even realizing it, you could be helping your favorite studio’s next project while filling your own wallet.

Speaking of your wallet, Robot Cache has its own store currency, called IRON, that can be used to purchase games on the platform. You can earn IRON simply by playing games, inviting and playing with your friends, or completing Robot Cache challenges. In these wild financial times, we must reiterate that IRON is nothing more than a store currency that could save you some money in Robot Cache purchases. It has no outside-world applications and no “cryptic” meanings.

We’ve gone over buying and selling, currencies, and revenues, but we know what everyone really loves is getting stuff for free. Robot Cache has shown to have an abundance of that too. Following a successful Wasteland 3 campaign in July, Robot Cache has another offer for its users in the month of August.

What’s the catch, you ask? Nothing. All you need is an active Robot Cache account to download their game giveaways for free. On top of free game giveaways, they also allow users to trial a variety of games before purchase. 

With all that it already offers, it may surprise you that Robot Cache is still in its relative infancy. The platform has been live worldwide for a short while but is already on course to achieve massive progress in the space of digital video game sales. You can find out more about what Robot Cache is currently and what it strives to become in the future through the Heart of Cache podcasts discussing the platform itself and some aspects of the business that may not be immediately apparent to the average user.

Make sure to check out Robot Cache yourself to see how they’re bringing the power back to the players. 

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