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Robot Cache offers a new way to buy and sell your digital games.

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This article is written in partnership with Robot Cache. Get your own copy of Wasteland 3 for free courtesy of Robot Cache here.

The advent of digital distribution has been a huge boon for the proliferation of the games industry. With smaller teams being able to self-publish games on platforms such as Steam, GOG, and even Epic, it has allowed creativity to flow through this hobby and has given underserved niche experiences just for them. One downside, however, is that once you buy something digitally, you’re stuck with it. Don’t like a game you spent $60 on? That’s too bad.

That’s where Robot Cache comes in. Robot Cache is all about allowing buyers to buy, sell, and trade their digital games their own way. If you’re done with something, just resell your games to another user. There’s even potential for a future where a game has been delisted from digital stores but can be resold by someone with a copy. The possibilities are endless now that resales have come to digital distribution.

Kick Off your Robot Cache Collection with Wasteland 3

You might not believe us, however. Maybe this whole thing sounds too good to be true. While simple words won’t do much to persuade you, how about a free game? If you sign-up for an account on Robot Cache, you can claim a free copy of Wasteland 3 through them between July 6 and July 20, 2023. This will let you try out the service and see if you want to start building your digital library with Robot Cache. One of the best incentives is that developers will receive up to 95% of all new purchases made from the storefront. Robot Cache even has free trials for a selection of games, allowing you to sample something for a few hours before committing to a purchase.

In essence, Robot Cache is all about giving you more control over your digital library and letting developers reap the rewards of their hard work. We want to change the face of digital distribution so that players have the choice between building a large library of digital titles or off-setting the massive backlogs of free titles and bundled compilations they may have acquired. Let someone else enjoy those games for cheaper while also giving back to the devs.

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