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Turtle Beach Recon Spark Gaming Headset Review | A Pastel Paradise

by Liana Ruppert

Turtle Beach knows how to make a solid headset, they’ve proven that time and time again throughout the years. As a person that is very much a sucker for purple, when I saw their new Recon Spark line with its crisp white shell and lavender trim, I fell a little bit in love with how it looks – but what about how it works? For those interested in a little pastel paradise, here is our Turtle Beach Recon Spark gaming headset review. 

Turtle Beach Recon Spark Gaming Headset Review

This multiplatform headset was designed with the user in mind. Its glasses-friendly framework and easy input make it a very versatile piece of equipment, one that looks apart from the rest as well. Aesthetics aside, here’s what you should know about this headset’s specs before we talk about actual in-game performance and its look/feel. 

  • Ear Cushion is an easy-fit over the ear design with synthetic leather and foam cushioning
  • Audio Connection is set at 3.5mm for all PlayStation 4 models, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices with a Slitter cable included for PC platforms 
  • Speaker Frequency is at 40mm with neodynium magnets
  • Headband frame is also synthetic leather with foam
  • Microphone is flip-to-mute and omni-directional

Turtle Beach’s Recon series is a line designed to offer the quality they are known for at a much more affordable price. These wired headsets are all under $100 and the latest addition, the Recon Spark, is the first of what I’m hoping is a growing line of pastel options. Though color doesn’t impact performance, the traditional black and blue is everywhere. Sure some companies also host louder options in bright neon tones, but one thing that I liked about the Recon Spark is that it is unique looking without being obnoxious. It looks high quality, it sounds high quality, and it aesthetically works perfectly for those that like to customize their setups. 

The pearl white with a cool lavender offset is definitely a one-of-a-kind style not seen out in the wild too often when looking at peripherals and Turtle Beach definitely did not skimp on performance in favor of style. The cushioning is comfortable for those long stretches of gaming, and the headband itself rests comfortably with alterations as needed. 

I first tried these out during a long grind session since I recently jumped back into Destiny 2. With raids, strikes, and neverending Gambit matches, I was in my gaming chair for the longhaul. Some headsets in the past when I have the time to do this sort of gaming sesh have given me terrible headaches because of the weight or a distribution imbalance. After about 8-9 hours of continuous gameplay, the Recon Spark gear still felt comfortable and didn’t make me feel like my eyes were bulging out of my skull. 

My fireteam also said that they could hear me loud and clear very crisply, one even mentioned he couldn’t tell the difference when I switched off of my Yeti mic over to the Spark setup. Since I’m a lover of my Yeti, that was a huge notch in the “I love this headset” column. 

The biggest selling point however is its multiplatform versatility. With more companies now veering their focus to cross-play, or at very least cross-save, the lines between platforms is blurring but that doesn’t mean gamers have to have 50 different headsets to accommodate. Being able to switch between every major platform at a drop of a hat, including mobile (!!), is a huge plus for this particular model. Paired with its price point, the Turtle Beach Recon Spark is a must-have – especially if you love purple as much as I do! 

You can learn more about the headset right here to see for yourself what the Turtle Beach Recon Spark has to offer.  


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