Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Earbuds Review

How do the Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Earbuds stack up? Here is our review!

Since we are giving away a shiny free pair of Razer Hammerhead True Wireless earbuds thanks to Nexon’s cross-platform MMORPG, VR, we wanted to test drive these bad boys to see how they stack up. As a person that primarily uses Airpods when traveling for my music and wireless needs, I was excited to check out Razer’s take on the wireless earbuds to see how they stack up. Here is our review of the Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Earbuds! 

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I was happy to review these earbuds because I am always interested in Airpod alternatives, especially given their price point and branding. Overall the Hammerhead buds are impressive but they are far from perfect, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still a good find for those looking. 

The Hammerhead True Wireless Earbuds have a similar design to that of the iconic Apple Airpods with the exception of the Razer logo emblazed on both heads and its black casing. For those that are all Razer all the time, these earbuds aesthetically stick to the marketing look that this company is known for, especially when looking at their peripheral line as a whole. 

Given that Razer is no stranger to stunning audio technology, it was no surprise then that these earbuds had a pretty impressive quality to them especially when looking at the continued rise of mobile gaming popularity. 

Hammerhead price versus Airpods

The price point for these earbuds is a nice touch, coming in at $99 versus Apple’s $159 price tag. While not the cheapest wireless tech in a similar market in terms of price, the Hammerhead price point is at a happy medium, which means good quality at a more accessible price. The lower that price tag gets, the lower the quality, so for those that are audiophiles; the extra bucks are more than worth it. 

How they feel

The Hammerhead earbuds have a curved insert to ensure comfort and movement ease to prevent them from falling out, which is great for those that like to take their music experience on the go for a run. The downside is is that they aren’t as cushioned as they look, instead consisting of a hard plastic that can be quite painful after extended use. That being said, for full disclosure, I have freakishly tiny ears, which means it’s hard for me to find wireless headphones that fit comfortably throughout extended use. Still, the Airpods, in this aspect, have them beat because of the design curve they fit nicely without feeling bulky or rough against the canal. 

How they work

The larger design does mean more accessible features, however. Being able to control media playback, phone calls, and fast-forwarding is easy to do with a series of taps, though there is a learning curve involved. For example, tap three times and then hold down for two seconds will activate these earbuds’ Game Mode, which isn’t something one would think organically and could be easy to forget. Still, the ability to control productivity is a nice touch for accessible reasons, and for me personally since I rarely have full use of my hands due to an MS diagnosis. 

How do they sound

The Hammerhead sound is really impressive in terms of wireless earbuds. You’re never going to get Bose Wired quality from a wireless earbud, no matter who makes them, but the default setting is very impressive for being in this style. The only downside to the sound is that the bass seems overall muted and the Bass Boost EQ setting doesn’t do enough to increase that without hurting the rest of the sound levels. 

Treble Boost is also an option with these earbuds, though it does make the sound more crisp and loose some of its rhythm. Out of all of the settings provided, the default EQ setting seemed the best all around when comparing music, game, and talking sounds. 

Battery life

While Razer does promise hours of battery life, that’s not necessarily the case. While this could possibly simply be a defection issue with my unique set, my experience definitely did not live up to the 12-hour battery life promise from Razer, which ended up being around 4-6 hours total outside of the case, with an additional 20-24 hours from the charging case itself.

The charges just don’t seem to last very long, even in non-use. I set down the earbuds on Friday at full-charge only to pick them back up on Monday to see them completely dead, despite staying within the case. It’s because of this that I’m hoping I just have a defective set, because I can’t honestly see Razer being that deceptive about true-life value. 

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The bright side to this is that it doesn’t take long to charge these earbuds, with them fully charging from a complete dead state in about an hour and a half. 

Overall impressions

All in all, the Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Earbuds are impressive, though they aren’t made for everyone. They have a nice, recognizable design and come with an unassuming black container to keep them charged. They are portable, on-brand, and the sound quality truly is incredible, which makes them a great gift or purchase option for both gamers and music lovers alike. 

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