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A Pro Controller that goes above and beyond.

While I love the Nintendo Switch, one of my biggest complaints has to be the general comfort level when playing in handheld mode for a long time. While I’ve amassed many different grips over the years, playing with just the Joy-Con in hand can be quite fatiguing after some time. And while I loved the Hori Split Pad Pro, the lack of vibration alongside other key features kept me from fully replacing these mini controllers for years.

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However, with the introduction of the NYXI Hyperion Pro, I may have finally found my new go-to controller for handheld play.

Stuck in The Middle With You

The first thing that immediately stood out to me with the Hyperion Pro is the controller’s general shape, which immediately made me think that this could be the perfect controller to replace my Split Pad Pro and my Joy-Con. Alongside the shape, the ability to use this controller wirelessly while not connected to the console and the included rail in the middle to turn it into a fully functional controller already had me eager to get my hands on it, and I’m glad that I did.

If you’ve used the Split Pad in the past, you know how nice the analog sticks felt, but some of that enjoyment may have been hampered by slightly squishy buttons that may not have met your fancy. The Hyperion Pro resolves that, featuring full-sized Hall Effect Joysticks, responsive buttons that immediately registered every press that I put in, and plenty of customization options that kept me gaming for hours on end. No matter if I was playing Pokemon Scarlet and Violet on the big screen or in handheld mode, these controllers did not disappoint.

Unlike the Wizard, which modernized the GameCube style for a new era, there are no mechanical triggers here, so those who are hoping for that satisfying clickiness may be slightly disappointed when getting their hands on this, but no matter what, they’re a step up from the standard Joy-Con in every way imaginable. The shoulder buttons here feel more akin to what you’d find on the Switch Pro Controller and are extremely easy to reach, no matter the size of your hands. They’re also incredibly lightweight, even if they do weigh about twice as much as standard Joy-Con. They’re a good middle ground between the Joy-Con in a rail and a Switch Pro Controller, so no fatigue will be found here.

The addition of backpaddles, programmable Macro buttons, turbo functions, and the ability to adjust the controller’s vibration to be more intense or less intense are also great features. The standard vibration in this controller is slightly violent, so swapping it to a gentler option may be preferred. Me? I’d rather have that thing shaking out of my hand when things get tough.

Lit Up Like A Christmas Tree

Much like NYXI’s other controllers, a variety of RGB lighting effects can be found with this particular controller. I found these lights to be appealing without being tacky, even if changing them is slightly cumbersome. Holding in the Turbo function while clicking the respective stick, a variety of RGB colors can be browsed through until you find the perfect color scheme. There is also a “breathing” function here, allowing the lights to pulse as if the controllers had sprung to life in my hands. The glow of the face buttons is also extremely appealing to me, as the clear buttons gain a glow that isn’t bright enough to be distracting.

Every button is responsive with a satisfying amount of clickiness and responsiveness, but the D-Pad can sometimes be rather loud. While not listed as mechanical buttons, the sound compared to other buttons on this particular controller leads me to believe that there are microswitches in use, so late-night gaming sessions may be a little louder than originally anticipated, especially in menu-heavy games that rely on D-Pad navigation.

My only other major complaint is the sleep function, which seems to kick in at the most unfortunate of times. Especially while I’m writing, I may need to capture a few screenshots and spend some time writing a summary of what I’ve just captured. I’ve found that these controllers go to sleep rather quickly, even if the battery does offer a substantial amount of playtime on a single charge. Thankfully, the controllers quickly wake up and pair once again, so it’s more of a personal gripe than a legitimate complaint.

If you’re anything like me, you may have assumed that the D-Pad is made of metal since every photo that is shown appears to be rather shiny and reflective. It’s still a standard plastic D-Pad with an admittedly nice coat of paint, but metal rings surround the joysticks to give them a smoother rotation overall. The sides of each joystick topper are textured with a fine diamond shape, and the large surface area of the joystick is coated with a slightly grippy rubber to ensure your fingers always have a place to call home.

I didn’t think NYXI could overtake my love of the Wizard with this controller, but here we are today. The Hyperion Pro is an excellent replacement for those Joy-Con that have started to drift and those looking for a great Pro Controller option. I’ve found myself drifting, pun fully intended, to the Hyperion Pro Controllers every time I power on my Nintendo Switch, as they’re versatile, comfortable, and, most importantly, built well.

While the loud D-Pad and quick sleep function are slightly annoying, they don’t distract from the overall package you get here. A great replacement for the standard Joy-Con, alongside the ability to turn the controller into a suitable replacement for the Switch Pro Controller itself, it’s a jack of all trades while being a master at both.

If you’re hoping to get a pair of NYXI Hyperion Pro Controllers for yourself, you can order them directly from NYXI’s web page.


NYXI Hyperion Pro

I didn't think NYXI could overtake my love of the Wizard with this controller, but here we are today. The Hyperion Pro is an excellent replacement for those Joy-Cons that have started to drift, but also for those that are looking for a great Pro Controller option. I've found myself drifting, pun fully intended, to the Hyperion Pro Controllers every time I power on my Nintendo Switch, as they're versatile, comfortable, and most importantly, build well.


  • Extremely comfortable to use in handheld and TV mode
  • Responsive buttons and sticks
  • Customization is on point


  • Goes to sleep way too quickly for my liking
  • Loud D-Pad can be annoying at times

This controller was provided by NYXI for review. Reviewed on Nintendo Switch.

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