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Mass Effect Geth Pulse Rifle Review | Full-Scale Reaper Killin’ Gloriousness

by Liana Ruppert

The Mass Effect Universe is one filled with adventure, danger, and full exploration. With different alien races comes different perspectives and that is no different with the Geth; a race of sentient beings that were punished by their creators for becoming cognitively aware – a true AI. “ Does this unit have a soul? ”  – a turning point in the place that the Geth reserved for themselves in the vast universe full of heroes and tragic villains. They are a complicated race but what’s not complicated is their awesome weaponry. Case and point: the Geth Pulse Rifle. And this bad boy is all mine.

First things first, I have to say – this is by far the most favourite collectible I have ever reviewed. Not only is it from one of my favourite game series, but the level of realism is legendary. Short of firing actual ammunition, this piece stays true to the game in every facet.

Bioware has teamed up with TriForce to present this epic, and fully licensed, full-scale Geth Pulse Rifle replica to those of us stuck down here on Earth. Right off the bat this weapon is heavy. Weighing in at 20 pounds and spanning 33 inches long, this gun feels real in so different many ways.

The Geth Pulse Rifle is masterfully sculpted, finely balanced, and beautifully painted. This full-scale replica even lights up, which adds the next level of authenticity to the piece making it even closer to its in-game counterpart. This is the most authentic model representation on the market for this weapon and it easily stands on its own merit. Each piece was individually hand-painted and it shows with each brushstroke, each texture impression, and each colour blend. The paints used to give a the rifle its realistic metallic sheen makes this collectible item quite simply beautiful to look at and adds to the overall futuristic feel.

There is a charging base at the bottom so when the juice to the LEDs that are littered throughout the weapon start to run dry, simply plug in the adapter and charge it up.

The collectible itself is completely cast in polystone, which is a compound commonly used when wanting to achieve a granite-like aesthetic. It is also used when artisans are looking to add a significant amount of weight to a piece without compromising quality. It is a good material to work with, especially so for the Pulse Rifle, because it is extremely durable and aids in maintaining a sharp paint finish. For this piece and the metallic colours used, it was the perfect material to craft this particular weapon.

There are only 500 pieces available world-wide and each one hand-crafted. It used to be available on some online stores such as the Bioware Store and ThinkGeek, though both of those are no longer in working order. A few third-party sites sell them, including Amazon! 

Liana Ruppert

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