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Luigi’s Mansion 3 Review Roundup | An Enjoyable Halloween Gift from Nintendo

by Liana Ruppert

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is coming soon, Halloween in fact, and the reviews are pouring in. For those excited to play Green Mario once more (kidding), it looks like the next entry in the franchise is the perfect continuation of a beloved franchise. Here’s our Luigi’s Mansion 3 review roundup to see what the final verdict is on the latest Nintendo Switch adventure. 

Polygon – Recommended 

“But boss fights are a small sliver of the Luigi’s Mansion 3 experience. Each level is a complex onion of ideas to peel back, layer by layer. Next Level Games continues its strong tradition of granting Luigi far more depth than his superstar older brother, even if he is always doomed to keep getting scared for our enjoyment.”

IGN – 8.3 out of 10

“Mario, it turns out, isn’t the only plumber in Nintendo’s employ who can carry his own great game. Luigi’s Mansion 3 is so much fun, so charming, and so smartly designed that, moving forward, I really hope we get more than three of these games every 20 years. It’s absolutely the best Ghostbusters game ever made – it just happens to star Mario’s scaredy-cat brother rather than Peter Venkman and Ray Stantz.”

Eurogamer – Recommended 

“When all’s said and done you’ll likely to still have lots to do. I finished having barely found any of the game’s hidden Boo enemies – it’s there that backtracking will come into play, although from the ones I have located, it’s simply a matter of retracing your steps until your controller vibrates (you can pay to see their locations, but this then deducts currency from your final score). Likewise, the game’s collectable gems, of which there are half a dozen on each level. I only netted around three-quarters during my playtime, having been as thorough as possible.

“Part of me still yearns for those dusty carpets of the first Luigi’s Mansion – the near pitch black corridors, the fumbling around in the dark. This third entry, by contrast, feels more like Luigi has left the haunted house and gained free reign around the neighbouring theme park. But what a theme park. It’s left me excited to see where the series goes next.”

Kotaku – No Score Given

“It’s the sheer variety of experiences in Luigi’s Mansion 3 that keeps it entertaining throughout. While you might at first think you’re in for a repetitive time as you go through the first few floors and find nothing but standard hotel rooms, things get quite unexpected as you continue higher and higher. While it doesn’t reinvent the wheel, it’s a solid take on a series that hasn’t had many entries over the last nearly 20 years. Mostly, it’s just nice to see that Luigi is indeed alive, and not dead.”

Find out what your own thoughts on Luigi’s Mansion 3 are when the latest game drops for Nintendo Switch players on October 31st, happy Halloween! 

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