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HyperX Cloud Wired Gaming Headset + Bluetooth Review | Prima Games

by Liana Ruppert

HyperX knows what it takes to make a sick gaming headset, they are a leading name in peripherals for a good reason. They’ve continuously proven that they know how to balance performance, comfort, and style. Since we’re giving away the HyperX Cloud wired gaming headset as part of our KartRider Rush+ celebration, we figured we’d also review the headset we are giving away thanks to Nexon America and HyperX. 

The first thing that sticks out about this particular headset is that it is Bluetooth-driven, something not often seen in gaming peripherals, though this isn’t the first. This headset allows for a wired connection or a wireless BT option and when compared to similar setup headsets like the Audeze Mobius that are twice the price, the HyperX take definitely holds value. 

The lewk

The design of the HyperX Cloud headset is in-line with previous launches, including the Alpha, with an all-black option and a white with rose gold accent option. The overall design is sleek without too many bells and whistles to weigh it down or to make the headset look cheap, which is something I prefer in my peripherals on a personal basis. The earcups are plush and understated with the HyperX logo emblazoned on both sides of the set itself. 

The wire has a fabric coating wrapped around it for protection as well. The microphone is also covered with a modified pop filter protection layer for a smoother sound without all of the added noise. 

As for how it operates, the left side is where the Bluetooth button is to move from wired to wireless and it’s on that same side where you can find the 3.5mm port for those that want to be connected to their PC without risk of communication dying halfway through. 

Wired vs. Wireless

Using both versions, I have to say that my sound and how other gamers perceive my interaction sounds exactly the same both wired and wirelessly. That being said, the wired format does seem to distort the sound to make everything a little more robotic and muted with input. When playing a game that is rooted in ambiance, that wired drawback can definitely be a drag, but how it sounds when the Bluetooth is activated is beyond glorious. 

For those that prefer a wired experience, the Cloud headset comes with two 3.5mm cables: 

  • 5ft male-male cable
  • 5ft female-male extender cable, which allows for up to 10ft of extension

My buddy Wrex (Mass Effect) helping me model.

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Overall, the HyperX Cloud Wired Bluetooth headset is a phenomenal headset, especially for those gamers that are in it in for the long haul with 6+ hours of game time in one sitting. The memory foam earpieces also make comfort a priority for those that have glasses as well, a feature that some companies tend to overlook which for me can result in headaches and unnecessary pressure. 



The microphone quality is amazing

No USB sound card

Option to go wireless or wired

The difference in audio between wired and wireless

Very comfortable design for longterm use


If you’re interested in learning more about the HyperX Cloud Wired Bluetooth headset, you can check out the official website right here to learn more and scoop you up a pair. It’s a solid peripheral addition, but the $199.99 price point may be a deterrent for some. This is also an excellent addition to any gaming setup for those aspiring streamers out there because of its flexibility. 

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