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Dying Light 2 Preview | A Transformative Choice-Based Adventure

by Liana Ruppert

The first Dying Light was a pretty awesome experience but there wasn’t much that set it apart from other horror games in the similar genre. Its sequel, Dying Light 2, completely changes that with many new additions to make it stand out all on its own and in breathtaking ways that will make fans of RPG games drool. 

We recently took part in a closed demo of the game during a press event at E3 this year and it was there that we saw just how many different ways this game could go. Now we already covered how one playthrough only covers 50% of the game, but this was our first time actually seeing that in action.

After watching a mission go belly up (no spoilers), the main character – Aiden – was forced to make a spur-the-moment decision that could change everything. And everything it did because the fruits of his choice immediately became apparent as the entire world in-game changed before our very eyes bringing with it a specific new type of enemy that we would never have met otherwise had we not made this particular decision.

It was that moment as the scene ended that I realised how truly different Dying Light 2 would be. From the incredible soundtrack featuring one of my favourite singers, Emily Haines, to the many different characters the protagonist meets along the way, Dying Light 2 offers a completely immersive experience that the first one lacked. From a fully-fledged dialogue wheel, to new and improved parkour, everything we loved about the first game has been made 1000% times better with more than enough new features to go around. 

Unfortunately, we don’t have a release date for Dying Light 2 quite yet, but we do have some incredible new gameplay as well as a 2020 release window. 

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Liana Ruppert

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