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The HS80 Max is a stellar headset that brings wireless audio to new heights.

Sound design in video games continues to evolve at such a breakneck pace, and knowing where your enemy is at all times is something that could make or break a game for you. Over the years, I’ve played around with a variety of different headsets, all of which were various degrees of quality. Thankfully, I may be able to finally cut the cord and go for the full wireless dream, thanks to the HS80 Max by Corsair.

Superb Sound Leads To Exciting Games

Let’s start things off on the right foot: the HS80 Max sounds great. They’re punchy, peppy, and offer great spacial audio so you’re always aware of where your enemies are located. While most players will love how they sound out of the box, I needed to experiment with the iCue software and find the perfect bit of EQ to ensure I was always taking home the win. While I’m not primarily a multiplayer gamer, my primary go-to is Dead by Daylight. After donning the HS80 Max, I realized what I was missing for all of this time.

Playing as a Killer, I was able to locate survivors quickly, especially with the easy-to-access volume knob on the back of the headset. Hearing their Grunts of Pain from almost any location, I was able to pinpoint their exact location with ease, especially after playing with the EQ to ensure that I could hear their vocal clarity higher than the standard music and sound effects in the game. Playing as a Survivor, I could hear smaller details that were normally lost when it came to playing against these Killers, especially those who are very light on their feet. My sessions went from mediocre to excellent, at least when it came to the sound quality that I was experiencing compared to normal. My skills, sadly, stayed the same.

However, while gaming is life for many folks, I found the HS80 Max to also be rather adequate for multimedia use. Watching movies with these particular headphones on was a pleasure, perfectly accentuating the action on screen and driving the point home. Music, on the same measure, sounds fantastic pumping through the 50mm drivers that are encased within. I tend to listen to a lot of classical music during work, or even when I just need some time to relax, and there is no loss of instruments or quality while wearing these. No matter what the intended use is for, the HS80 Max will not disappoint.

HS80 Max on Desk
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The sound, thankfully, is not the only thing about this headset that is premium. The overall build quality is outstanding, using aluminum reinforcements to ensure that it can withstand even the most heavy of use. It feels heavy in my hands but light on my head, allowing me to use it throughout the day without causing any sort of discomfort. However, if you have a larger head like myself, you may need to remove the included strap, as it felt like it was riding up the bottom of my ear lobes while using the strap. While there is a swivel feature that allows the cups to sit flush on my ears, I was disappointed to see that I could not pull the cups down any further than they come out of the box.

The included Dolby Atmos is also a treat to the ears, allowing me to listen to my games, music, and movies in my own personal surround sound. Spatial Audio sounds an awful lot like a buzzword, but the first time I felt like I heard an explosion from behind me, rather than just to the right or the left of me, I was a believer. The best part is that it’s included for free, with no subscription or separate purchase required like other products I’ve purchased in the past.

As to be expected, as well, there is an RGB feature that is more than just showcasing pretty lights. It also functions as a proper battery indicator, so I always knew what my battery life is looking like. I could also use iCue to see this, but sometimes a glance is needed, especially in the heat of battle. While I still have my issues with iCue, it works surprisingly well here to ensure that my RGB matches my other Corsair products, alongside the EQ features mentioned above.

One thing to be wary of, however, is sound leaks. While playing the game at normal volumes, there may be a small amount of audio that is audible to people in your surrounding area, but be prepared to turn down the audio if you’re playing in a room with someone who is hoping for peace. Louder audio does leak out a fair amount, which could lead to some issues down the road.

Crystal Clear Quality

One of the other important pieces to equate to a great gaming session is ensuring that your teammates can hear you during even the most hectic of moments. The Corsair HS80 Max has tipped the scales when it comes to this particular portion, as it equals or surpasses my standalone mic when it comes to gaming. My only other experience with Corsair in particular when it comes to gaming headsets is the HS35, which is one of their entry-level models, but for PC gaming, I was primarily using a Razer Seiren X to communicate with my friends over platforms such as Discord. Through various tests, alongside general feedback from friends and family, the HS80 Max was able to keep up, if not outperform that particular microphone in many different situations.

To quote my own mom, who stated that I sounded “crystal clear” during a video call, I can attest that this particular mic sounds fantastic. Playing games, making phone calls, and anything in between, I never once had anyone mention that they couldn’t hear me, that I sounded quiet, or anything in between. It’s been a pleasure to use this particular headset for a variety of things, even when connected over Bluetooth. While the HS80 Max performs best when connected to the included dongle over a 2.4 GHz connection, it’s still a pleasurable experience to use on a mobile device, or even connected to something like the Nintendo Switch.

If you’re hoping to find a headset that offers various console connections, you’re in luck here. With the included dongle, you can connect to your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, your PC, or connect with Bluetooth to your Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, for those playing on the Xbox family of consoles, you will not be able to use this particular headset, as there is no audio jack here to connect with.

One of my favorite features, even if it is a little finicky at times, is the flip-to-mute feature for the microphone. If I need to take a moment to speak to my wife while playing games, I can just flip the microphone up and mute the call that I’m on to speak about other things. The audio cue to let me know if the microphone has been turned off or on is also great, and the small bump I could feel while pushing the mic up or down is also a great way to ensure that I had it locked in and ready to go.

I’m constantly multitasking, so being able to take a few different phone calls while working is always a great feature, especially since the microphone sounds as great as it does. However, it is unfortunate that a dual connection is not here in any way. I can’t listen to music on my computer and then take a phone call off of my device while paired to the two of them, so it has to be either in 2.4 GHZ mode or Bluetooth, which is unfortunate considering the price of the headset.

All things considered, and no matter the connection type I decided to go with, I found that the HS80 Max could withstand the most daunting of tasks for as long as I needed it. With a touted 65+ Hour battery life, I can personally attest to the fact that I’ve only had to charge it once, even after using it nearly every day for multiple hours over two weeks. The headset also has an impressive range, losing no audio quality or stuttering once as I moved my way through the house while wearing these particular cans.

The Corsair HS80 Max is an excellent headset, offering a suite of features for a fraction of the cost of some of the more premium headsets on the market. While it still comes in near the $200 mark, the sound quality, battery life, and microphone make this an almost immediate recommendation.

While the exclusion of dual audio is a bit of a bummer for those who are hoping to play a game while also being connected to another device, the customization capabilities that are brought to the table, alongside the stellar overall build quality and audio quality make the HS80 Max a worthy contender in the world of gaming. If you’d like to get this headset for your own, you can pick it up directly from the Corsair Website.


Corsair HS80 Max

The Corsair HS80 Max is an excellent headset, offering a suite of features for a fraction of the cost of some of the more premium headsets on the market. While it still comes in near the $200 mark, the sound quality, battery life, and microphone make this an almost immediate recommendation.


  • Dolby Atmos is a game changer
  • Great build quality
  • Microphone and audio quality is stellar


  • Non-adjustable headband makes it difficult to use if you have a big head
  • Audio leak can be distracting to those around you
  • No dual audio features

This headset was provided by Corsair for review. Reviewed on PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 5

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