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Talking about Bugsnax.

Yes, we’re talking about Bugsnax. The latest game from the studio Young Horses, which many of you have probably seen glimpses of, or heard the extremely catchy theme song by Kero Kero Bonito. 

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Before diving into the game, I want to give the disclaimer that you’re going to read a lot of ridiculous names and words, but I promise you all of them will make sense in context.

The story of Bugsnax starts on Snaktooth island, which you, the nameless protagonist are asked to visit by Elizabert Megafig. Your job as a journalist is to uncover the secrets of Snaktooth and its inhabitants.

When you arrive on the island it seems Elizabert is missing and no one really knows what happened to her. You’ll meet a crazy cast of characters like Filbo Fiddlepie, Wambus Troubleham, and many more. 

Bugsnax Review | Snack Attack

You’ll quickly be tasked with bringing all of the Grumpus back to Snaxburg to help rebuild it to its former glory. Ever since Elizbert went missing it seems everyone went their own way. 

Most of the gameplay revolves around collecting different Bugsnax each of the Grumpus has asked for. After a little coercing they will eventually agree to go back to Snaxburg.

After each new Grumpes rejoins the town you can interview them to learn more about who they are, what they are doing here, and learn more about Elizabert as you continue to track her whereabouts. 

You’ll gain new clues after each interview that will give you a breadcrumb trail to follow. Without getting too much into spoiler territory, let’s just say the story and where it ends up is easily my favorite part of Bugsnax.

It’s certainly worth exploring every nook and cranny of Snaktooth Island.

Capturing the Bugsnax themselves can often be tricky. Each Bugsnak has likes, dislikes, and fears. You can use your Snackscope to capture photos of each Bugsnak and obtain more information.

Using this to your advantage is key. You’ll use a myriad of different tools and traps to capture these Bugsnax, and each one is more difficult than the last. 

Sometimes you’ll have to wait in the bushes after you’ve set a trap and other times you’ll have to pit two of them against each other to knock them out.

The game promotes a level of creativity, and once you understand the rules of how each Bugsnak interacts with one another, it starts to become clear.

Snaktooth Island is home to many different biomes. From snowy peaks to sizzling deserts. Each area feels distinct and comes with Bugsnax to match. For instance, you’ll find Crapples exclusively in beach environments, while you’ll only find the Scoopy Banoopy in the Frozen Peaks.

Another key about Bugsnax is the time of day and weather. Some Bugsnax will only come out at night, while others only when it’s raining. Using your Snackscope and investigative intuition you’ll be able to track these Bugsnax and learn when to come back to an area. 

You can rest in any bed to change the time of day, which will be key for different side quests. Which is another huge component of Bugsnax. Completing side quests is the easiest way to learn more about the Grumpeses of Snaxburg.

Their backstories and character building go way beyond anything I expected from a game about collecting food-themed bugs. 

Each character is fully voice-acted by a bevy of talented voice actors which help further your investment in each Grumpus. Sure, they all look ridiculous and have crazy names, but at the end of the day, they all have real-world problems and relationships to mend. 

It’s easy to look at Bugsnax as a simple kids game and write it off, but there is so much underneath the surface that elevates the characters and their stories to a new level. 

Once you wrap up the story I’m sure you’ll have plenty of questions because trust me, I did too.

While it’s not going to be the graphical showpiece or powerhouse of the PS5 it certainly helps round out the launch line-up and provides a truly unique experience. 

It didn’t run great on the PS4 Pro, I have many framerate issues and weird bugs with the camera, but all in all Bugsnax was a fantastic journey from start to finish. 

The environments, characters, soundtrack, and Bugsnax themselves all tie together in a legitimately funny and charming way. 

And while you’re here, yes the best Bugsnax is the Snaquiri, thanks for asking. 



  • A strong cast of characters, all fully voiced. 
  • Unique and interesting Bugsnax.
  • An excellent story that should be seen all the way to the end.


  • Some minor performance issues on the PS4 version.
  • Capturing some Bugsnax can be a little finicky at times. 

Score: 9

A copy of this game was provided by the publisher for review.

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