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Wolfenstein II Enemy Tactics and Combat Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus pits you against some deadly enemies. Here are some tips to help you navigate to your objectives and to defeat some of the most dangerous foes in the earlier levels. Plus learn about why you need to take out the Kommandants as quickly as possible.


Every game level includes a map item somewhere. Look for a tube inscribed with the word “Karte.” Once you collect it, open the Map View screen to reveal the map for that level. Maps are a fantastic aid when you’re planning routes and tactics and ensuring you’ve explored all areas, so they’re worth hunting down.

Stealth Takedowns

Sometimes when you close the distance with an enemy, melee attacks make for the quickest kills; use your firearm in these cases. However, a hatchet gives you a more effective means of leveling the playing field. Since you’re almost always outnumbered, stealth takedowns can reduce the number of enemies before the guns begin blazing.

Kill the Kommandants

If a Kommandant becomes alerted to your presence, he calls for reinforcements. That means more enemies to deal with. Therefore, whenever possible, kill the Kommandants first. Kommandants are rarely the closest enemies to you, so use stealth tactics to get in near enough for a stealth takedown, a hatchet throw, or a silenced shot to the head. When you’re up against multiple Kommandants, your job gets doubly complicated—you need to kill each Kommandant without alerting those remaining.

Enigma Codes

Each Kommandant carries an Enigma Code. After killing a Kommandant, be sure to pick up the code. When you return to Evas Hammer, use the codes in the Enigma Machine to unlock Überkommandant missions.

Upgrade the Dieselkraftwerk or Laserkraftwerk

Since the magazine capacity for these weapons is limited, spend one of your early weapon upgrades on an expansion: Extended Tank for the Dieselkraftwerk, Battery for the Laserkraftwerk. Each of these upgrades doubles the capacity of its corresponding weapon.


Snipers wear electronic goggles and carry Sturmgewehr rifles that fire armorpiercing bullets in single shots. Any shot that hits deals a good amount of damage. Be wary when throwing hatchets at them; the armor on their backs absorbs damage from the hatchet. Getting in close for a stealth takedown works better.

Using their Own Weapons

Each SuperSoldat carries two identical heavy weapons: Dieselgewehr, Lasergewehr, or Hammergewehr. These are perfect tools to use against them. After defeating a SuperSoldat, pick up one of his heavy weapons and use it against other enemies. You can also use a SuperSoldat’s leftover heavy weapon to refill the one you grab.

Defeating ÜberSoldaten

Though they’re fast, ÜberSoldaten are not heavily armored. When engaging them, a good tactic is to withdraw to a doorway and take cover. As they pursue you through the doorway, use a hatchet to take them out—it only takes one hit. The Schockhammer also works well if you can lure them in close where they don’t move so quickly. Also consider upgrading your grenades to Electric Grenades, which momentarily stun ÜberSoldaten upon detonation. This lets you get in some hits while the enemy is motionless.