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Watch Dogs 2 Tips: Learn Hacking and Infiltration the DedSec Way!

by Prima Games Staff


There are DedSec Hackerspaces in Marin, Oakland, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley. Each one contains a 3D Printer, which is the only way to acquire the RC Jumper and Quadcopter devices, as well as DedSec’s own special weaponry. The only thing stopping you from building out all the different weapons is a lack of cash, so gather more money if you want to unlock all ordinance.


When you’re infiltrating a location, your paths to completion require hacking of objects (usually doors). Some of these are sealed, and require either an Access Key, or a Closed-Circuit Terminal to be unlocked. Do this as a matter of priority.

Access Keys are carried by guards, or found on computers (laptops, tablets, or phones). They can be remotely hacked using security cameras, either the RC Jumper or Quadcopter, or using your phone if you’re physically able to see the Access Key.

Closed-Circuit Terminals must be unlocked using a “physical” hack; by standing next to the terminal, or having your RC Jumper unlock it. Your Quadcopter cannot unlock CCTs.Once you’ve found any and all of these access points, your infiltrations become much easier.


The game and guide have ascertained three main methods of completing each mission, depending on your style of play. The guide also shows dozens of variations within these methods, but the main techniques for each infiltration technique are revealed below:


A Sample Ghost Infiltration: Check the entire perimeter of a restricted area and learn where Marcus can quickly and quietly enter from. Manually scan for enemies (or use the Quadcopter or cameras to “tag” them). Then creep up and strangle every single enemy, one at a time, in complete silence, until all threats are neutralized. Then complete the objective. This takes the most skill, is the most satisfying, and is the recommended method for a true DedSec hacker to take.

Strangulation from behind is the key method to remain undetected. It is the quietest takedown, won’t cause other foes to leave their patrol paths (unless a body is seen, in which case seek cover and step out to throttle the investigating foe), and unlike tasering, is permanent. If you don’t want physical content with your foes, resort to Stun Gun tasering, or electro-shock devices, though be aware that foes will wake up and long infiltrations may be compromised by enemies starting a search for you after they wake up.

The only other variant is avoiding all combat entirely. For this, you need a direct path already figured out to each objective, and knowledge of patrol paths. This occurs by practicing each mission over and over again.


A Sample Trickster Infiltration: Being ever-mindful of the Research abilities to be spent on your purchased RC Jumper and Quadcopter, send out the latter to scout the restricted area, so you have a great knowledge of the area before even venturing into it. Use the Quadcopter to hack any Access Keys available, then keep it in the air, or use it to drop electro-shock devices on foes causing initial problems.

Switch to your RC Jumper. With a mixture of Distract hacks, use it to maneuver to any objectives you can physically hack, as well as any CCT (Closed-Circuit Terminals) and unlock them. The role of the Jumper is to unlock everything in preparation for Marcus, or to complete the mission without Marcus needing to move at all. Hack exit gates. Remotely control vehicles to act as cover or vehicles you wish to maneuver from an area. Sit the Jumper on the vehicle roof or control it using the Quadcopter.

Remove threats by using electro-shock scenery you coax guards towards, or after purchasing them; devices, setting proximity traps it guards’ paths to electrocute any you deem may be a problem. Remember you don’t need to remove all (or any) threats for many missions; just those that will cause you problems when fulfilling an objective.The only time Marcus even needs to step into a restricted area is if the objective can only be completed by a human, such as untying a prisoner, or being at a certain location like an elevator.


A Sample Aggressor Infiltration: After using the cameras or Quadcopter to tag enemies, lay explosive proximity traps (devices) at the entrance gates or alleyways where you expect reinforcements to arrive from, so the first wave can be removed while you’re engaging in combat. Then enter the restricted area armed to the teeth with your favorite two weapons (based on the Loadouts listed in the guide), and start to enact mayhem!

Of course, you can just go around blasting everybody. But there are better tactics than that: Firstly, attempt to neutralize (via explosive devices lobbed by you or quick firearm takedowns) any shot-callers so no reinforcements are called; you’re here to competently remove threats, not start a massacre (though that’s an option, too!). Then gain height, as you can see more enemies, and have an easier time dropping them. Use scoped weapons before moving on to more close-assault armaments of your choosing. Make a competent sweep of the restricted area, mopping up stragglers and gaining height, until all threats are nullified. Then complete any Objectives. Run out of ammo? Grab any fallen foe’s weapon and use that.


It’s usually best to start with a Trickster-style infiltration using the Quadcopter to oversee an area, tag enemies, and perhaps take as many out as you can without raising the alarm. Continue this until mission completion, or until you wish to switch styles. Then use Ghost-style infiltration, removing foes with strangulation until the entire area is devoid of enemies, and the only possible way any further foes could arrive is if you step into a motion detector or through a laser fence.

If at any point during the previous two infiltration scenarios, you’re discovered and the enemy starts shooting, fight back with Aggressor-style tactics, then either follow up with mayhem until everyone except you is dead, or you seek cover, Vanish (escape), and continue with a more silent infiltration.


Marcus comes equipped with a taser (AKA “2EZ DedSec Stun Gun”) which you always carry with you. In addition, you can carry up to two additional weapons. Make these non-lethal weapons (such as the WTB Grenade Launcher) if you want to complete all objectives without killing anyone (the guide recommends and shows you how).

Make these suppressed weapons (the Zero Day Rifle and Core Dump Pistol) if you want to drop foes silently, then kill them while they are “asleep” using suppressed fire afterwards; that way you can assassinate all foes in an area without the alarm being raised. Though this isn’t a true “Ghost” infiltration method (as you’re killing foes!), it makes completing missions much easier.


RC Jumper: Purchased after the initial infiltration operation, this remote device can go where Marcus can’t, and is the perfect companion to stealth operations. Find ground-level gratings to hack open, and trundle the Jumper inside to explore restricted areas while Marcus stays out of the way. Find Access Keys and Objectives to physically hack (like objectives) and complete operations remotely. Locate AC duct work allowing access to restricted areas (and Collectibles) Marcus cannot reach. Purchase the Enhanced Spring and Taunt abilities so the Jumper can leap perimeter fences, and distract enemies away from you or a co-op friend. Then purchase the Speed Boost so you can zip across open areas and hide under vehicles or roll into ducts without your device getting smashed up. Add the Remote Gadgets ability so this becomes a bomb-laying machine; the possibilities are endless!

Quadcopter: Purchase this from the 3D Printer, then use it in both Main and Online Operations, as well as Online Hacking, to scout out the area from the air. Tag enemies so you can see them (instead of using the remote cameras). Scan the area so you can easily see objectives (especially helpful in Online Operations). Hack scenery and distract foes; setting up proximity traps while Marcus stays out of harm’s way. Drop electro-shock or explosive bombs. Fly upwards away from inquisitive guards. Control vehicles below you. The only thing this RC device can’t do is physical hacks (Closed-Circuit Terminals); otherwise, it’s an astoundingly-useful piece of kit! Don’t forget to purchase the Speed Boost Research ability for it to ensure you get gold in all Drone Races!


You only truly rule San Francisco after you’ve purchased a fair number of Research App abilities, which require Research Points (awarded during quests or found hidden across the Bay Area) and Key Data (found in each section of town) to unlock. But the results are more than worth it! Here are five incredible abilities you must unlock!


This hacks any vehicle (whether being driven or not) and allows you to control it in any direction. Great for creating a disturbance in a restricted area, causing a distraction, causing pursuers to lose control of their vehicle, moving innocent civilian vehicles out of your way, or to remotely drive a vehicle out of a restricted area (via Quadcopter for example) to your location.


This creates a burst of speed in any vehicle you’re driving. Not only does this allow you to shake off pursuers, but it’s the quickest way to reach objective waypoints during Operations, when Fast Travel isn’t available. It also helps you gain quicker times in some side activities (such as the Motocross races), and allows you to take ramps at breakneck speed!


Make this your first ability purchase! When aimed at any civilian or foe, this causes them to be distracted (they take a phone call, or if any enemy is hostile, causes ear-piece feedback that temporarily immobilizes them). This makes stealth infiltrations much easier, allowing you to pass by foes without even needing to take them down (or distract them before dropping them). Even the most armored of foes can’t take a distorted ear piece; think smarter, and get this ability NOW!


Choose this before Explosive Devices, so you have the flexibility of ranged projectiles that can be thrown, or placed (or dropped) by either of your RC devices (if you purchase the “Remote Gadgets” ability). These grenade-like devices stick to scenery, enemies, your RC devices (creating “mobile bombs”), and even vehicles, and having access to them allows you to create proximity traps anywhere you wish. Amazingly helpful!


Your RC Jumper can go almost anywhere you can. It’s used to scout out areas so you don’t put yourself in danger. But it doesn’t have a very high jump; until you buy this ability! Then, you can leap over most fences, up onto scenery, and infiltrate to the highest point of most restricted areas. There are other device abilities to buy too, but this is by far the most helpful.


Not the most exciting of abilities, but ones you must purchase, as each time you use an ability, it reduces your Botnet resource (shown in the circle, bottom-right corner of your screen). Increasing the number of these, and reducing the “juice” it takes when attempting an ability you use constantly (like the Engine Override) allows you to use ability hacks for much longer periods of time before needing to “refill”. Aim to get 20 botnet resources; you start with four.

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